Name the Blank Final Vote!

Kenny Brechner - June 1, 2017

Today we are finishing up new business and returning full circle to something older. We’ll start with new business. Last week I invited ShelfTalker readers to provide a name for┬áthe blank page on either side of the title of a new part of a book, the blank pages that are only there when there is a big stopping point and a new beginning in the story.
There were some great ideas put forward. Thanks to everyone who entered. What I have done this week is pick the four best and put them in a survey below for you to select your favorite from. Please take a moment and cast your ballot!

As far as old business goes, I was surprised to receive a very nice note regarding a remembrance I did here a year ago of Lucille Clifton, the great poet and children’s book author. Here’s the note.

To have the whole idea of connecting the dots in life and sharing those connections come so full circle was something I deeply appreciated!

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