The Customer Is (Not) Always Right

Josie Leavitt - January 26, 2010

I find myself buried in summer 2010 catalogs and spreadsheets, so stumbling on this very funny retail-based website was a delight. The Customer Is Not Always Right is a hilarious site that allows readers to add their own retail interactions with customers.  I’ve included the bookstore link. Feel free to read the whole thing; there’s something reassuring about all retail stores having the same challenges we do.

We’ve all had customers who befuddle us. They ask questions with vague details and then repeat them, endlessly, hoping against all hope that the third or fourth question, asked pretty much the same way, will suddenly shake our brains free. Not always true. This causes frustration all around.

A new thing I’ve noticed, perhaps because I never actually wear my glasses, is a customer standing twenty feet away holding a book asking me what I think of the book. What’s interesting is while they’re standing too far away for me to have a shot at reading the title, they’re shaking the book back and forth. So now all I can see is a waving blur.

Read the blog and have a good laugh and share your humorous stories, if you got some. After all, there’s nothing like laughter to help ease the tension of a slow winter day.

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