Your Last Chance to Name a Bookish Breakfast Cereal

Alison Morris - February 11, 2009

There have been some GREAT entries in Gareth’s and my "Name a Bookish Breakfast Cereal" contest, and we’ll be selecting a winner later this week! So, if any of you have been holding out with your great ideas, post them in the comments field by this Friday. Soon thereafter we’ll unveil our design for a book-inspired box!

11 thoughts on “Your Last Chance to Name a Bookish Breakfast Cereal

  1. WouldBe

    For Children: Newbery Almond Crunch Breakfast Club with Barbie (Yeah, there’s Breakfast with Barbie cereal0 King Kong Crunch Adults Buckminister Fuller Wheats Cap’n Ahab Crunch Crispy Anne Rice Robert Frosted Flakes Diet Cereal Honey I’ve Shrunk the Children Oats Memory Loss Total Recall Cereal Uncle Tom’s Cereal (Uncle Sam Cereal)


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