The Celebrity Picture Book Challenge

Kenny Brechner - August 19, 2020

When famous people write picture books the world is the winner
So many people hungry for schmaltz have a 32 course dinner

They have excelled at acting, governing, singing, leaping, writing novels or thrillers
And now with dubious assurance reach their hands to picture book tillers

When a  celebrity rhymes it must be admitted
That on the surface it seems like a crime was committed

In well trafficked life messages they abound
With leaden morals the couplets resound

If fame makes their otherwise noisome words sound great
Be thankful that celebrity picture books creates of them a spate

So let us drown in their insipid provender
To their odious charms let us surrender

Challenges these books urge us to undertake
And so in our endeavor should you surely partake

And what is our challenge?
What shape our literary phalange?

The most dreadfully meaningful rhyming couplets submitted will, as you surmise,
Win an unnamed yet desirable prize

So cast your entry into the comments below
And fame or something like it victory shall bestow.

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