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Josie Leavitt - September 18, 2015

Some readers might recall that I posted about my new dog a while ago. Since then, I’ve gotten not one but two letters from publishers with books for me to read on a dog theme. The first book was an adult book about dogs, and earlier this week I received a package from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. Jessica Van Buren sent me a personal note about reading the ShelfTalker blog and my new dog. With the note she included four books about dogs for me to add to the bookstore collection about kids and dogs.¬†What’s so lovely about this is two-fold.
The first part that’s touching is the care and time piper1publishing reps have taken to not only read the blog. It’s always heartening to know that readers are responding to what we’re writing on ShelfTalker. As any blogger will tell you, sometimes it feels like we’re casting these posts off into the world without us, and we never really know who is reading. So, it’s gratifying to see that people are responding to the blog.
The second thing that’s so wonderful is how many people are bonding with me because I have a dog. As Jessica said in her letter to me about the books she gave the store. “These books could help welcome Allie into her new life as a bookstore dog.” Again I am touched by the level of thoughtfulness publishers have shown me and my new doyouhave5dog. Yes, they want me to carry their books, but they didn’t have to take the time out of their busy days to stop and write personal notes (either addressed to me or the dog) and share the books about dogs they love. This lovely touch is just wonderful, and of course it does make me pre-disposed to read the books and think of the publisher when ordering books.
This brings up a larger point for me: people love dogs! And having a dog at the bookstore seems to make people happy. Allie will come out and say to kids who want to meet her. A customer brought in a bag of toys that she just loves, and later today, if it’s slow, I’ll read a few of these new books and see how she likes them. You can tell by her curious look, she’d like me to start reading, now!alliewithtoy

1 thought on “Dogs, Books, and Blogs

  1. Melissa

    What a great story, and congrats on adorable Allie!
    As a former retail bookseller/buyer who is now working on the school wholesale side, Shelftalker keeps me connected to what booksellers are doing and loving and thinking. Unlike at a bookstore, every employee at a wholesaler isn’t necessarily a book person, nor are we ever getting up and handselling to people personally. I often feel disconnected from the end user. Shelftalker is one of the things that helps me remember why I do this: kids and books. It is a must-read for me as soon as I see there’s a new post.
    So thanks, Josie and Elizabeth and Kenny!


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