Thursday’s Bingo Action

Kenny Brechner - August 23, 2018

We’ve come to Thursday of this week’s ShelfTalker BINGO grid. Each day this week one of us ShelfTalkers has been setting down some heard-at-the-store standouts¬† (see Monday’s squares,¬† Tuesday’s squares, and Wednesday’s squares). Today’s theme is MOSTS, meaning Most exemplary customer declamations made at DDG Booksellers recently.
Before we get to recently, though, we’ll start with…
Most memorable quote of all time: (An 11 year old at the register) – “Book writers blow my mind. They just tap tap tap all day long so I can read what they wrote all night long.”
Most dramatic declaration. “She died!” ( A teen customer had just finished The Bird and the Blade and was shattered that the lead character dies at the end.)
Most judicious observation: “There are people, friends of mine, who I considered to be politically and ecologically conscious who I was shocked to learn had purchased bottled water from Amazon.”

Most untrue statement: “What do you mean it’s not available in paperback? Amazon is selling paperback copies for $11.99.” (that turned out to be an ebook-only title)
Most haunting exchange:
Customer: Where is your true haunting section?
Clare: We have several books over here in the Maine section.
Customer: Just these? ! I think you have a whole big section of them somewhere in the store.
Clare: I’ll check on that. (Goes to the computer and then checks in with me to learn that what we have in Maine is all there is.)
Clare: No I’m afraid these are the only ones we have.
Customer: Then can someone else help me?
Most TMI statement: “I had to stop at the gas station to check my tire pressure. that tpms button can really drive you crazy. Last week I got a nail on the outside of my right front tire. I got it fixed but I’m worried that it didn’t seal properly.”
Most unexpected customer demonstration: A 45 year old man on all fours to demonstrate a vehicular push toy to his wife.
Most lacking in detail. “Order all the rest of those maps in that series” (this was the opening of a telephone call with no precursor or indicator as to who the caller was)
Most striking compliment: She likes Princess Pulverizer almost as much as Princess in Black. (That is, a VERY great deal)
Most likely to make a bookseller blush: “I knew Spinning Silver was coming out, but I waited until I came to visit this summer to buy it from you.”
Most perplexing: How long will it take my son to solve this puzzle? (The puzzle was the Perplexus puzzle)

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