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From Hate Crimes to Boogers

Josie Leavitt - September 28, 2012

I walked into work the other morning and immediately knew that something bad had happened. I looked at Kelly, our staffer of five years, and she was in tears. I’ve never once seen Kelly cry, so I began to think that maybe one of her children was sick or injured. I walked up to the register and she just started sobbing.
“Are you okay?” I asked as we hugged through her tears. “No. This book is so sad.” The book she was referring to was Leslea Newman’s latest: October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard. Kelly didn’t really know about Matthew Shepard’s story until she started reading some of the 68 poems from different points of view from the tragedy. I felt so bad for her because she was realizing just how unbelievably cruel and needless a hate crime is. She has two young sons and she said she was thinking about Matthew’s mom, and just couldn’t understand why anyone would hurt another person like that.
I have read the book and it is admittedly, extremely sad, but if it can move a staffer to tears throughout the day just by recalling a poem or two, that’s a mighty powerful book which clearly has a very large audience.
The morning continued with Kelly telling me about the book and soon we were both in tears. Now the phone rings. Kelly pulls herself together faster and answers the phone. Then I hear her clarify what the customer is calling about. “Are you looking for book about germs or more about boogers?”
And it was barely 10:15.

‘Be Pink! Be Blue! Be Sparkly!’ – But Not for the Reasons You Think

Elizabeth Bluemle - September 27, 2012

The title of this blog post might raise eyebrows if you know me. I’m not really a pink-blue-sparkly kinda gal (although I admit I had my moments as a kid). But a customer and I were talking about multicultural book covers recently, and our conversation made me think of these shorthand emblems of shiny-happy in a slightly different way.
We are all aware that there are not enough mainstream books featuring kids of color as main characters. This means that every book that DOES have a brown face on the cover is extra important, extra meaningful, and ideally will draw readers across all races. And yet, it seems that so many of these book covers default to a somber palette, with muted earth tones, even in picture books. The customer pointed this out; I had noticed that with YA covers, but hadn’t really thought about picture books falling into some of the same habits.

“Where are the bright, happy watercolor covers?” she said. “Like Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, but with people?” I showed her Oscar’s Half Birthday by Bob Graham (Candlewick) and “More, More, More,” Said the Baby by Vera B. Williams (Greenwillow) and Ish and Sky Color by Peter Reynolds (Candlewick) and Kelly Bennett’s Not Norman: A Goldfish Story (Candlewick again) … and then I got a tiny bit stuck but cheated by going to my database of awesome books featuring kids of color, where I found more, but still not enough.
“Those are great,” she said. “And there need to be a whole lot more of them. Where are the really really mainstream books? All kids grab books that look like fun! Be pink! Be blue! Be sparkly!”
She is absolutely right. I love thinking about millions of little girls showing up to author events for, say, a Fancy Nancy who happened to be African-American. Or little boys toddling over to a Latino Bob the Builder. A Native American Pinkalicious! Kids really do not care which crayon is used to color a character; they care about the character, the story, and the experience of the book.
The timing of this conversation was serendipitous; just two days later, I was in New York City for a panel discussion on diversity in book covers hosted by the Children’s Book Council’s Diversity Committee. I had written an article, “Who Will Create the New Normal?” for the CBC’s diversity blog, joining four other industry members who had also been invited to contribute articles: Coe Booth (author), Joseph Monti (literary agent and former buyer for Barnes & Noble), Felicia Frazier (senior v-p and director of sales at Penguin Young Readers Group), and Laurent Linn (art director at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers). We all convened on Tuesday for a conversation moderated by Alvina Ling, executive editorial director at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.
It was a wonderful and fast hour, and I loved hearing everyone’s perspectives on how and why book covers look the way they do — what is done well, and what still needs work — and how we can work together to move forward.
It seems to me — and was borne out by the discussion, by emails afterward, and talks with friends of color — that one of the most basic, important things we can do for kids is to provide them with loads of great books (and great book covers) that celebrate the bright, happy, diverse, active young people they are — and not to automatically get all serious and somber with the brown.
I can’t wait for the day when white is not the default color, when publishing is all shades of brown and white and black and tan, and this conversation has been rendered entirely obsolete. Until then, Dear Readers, you’ll be hearing from me!

Rushing the Seasons

Josie Leavitt - September 25, 2012

It’s that time of year again. That time when I complain about how we’re always rushing the seasons in retail. It is September 25th, three full months before Christmas, and yet I am getting carton upon carton of holiday books.
I just barely have a Halloween display up and running and now I’ve got a back shelf devoted to Christmas and Hanukkah books. I try to be a retail purist, and resist the urge to set a Christmas display much before Thanksgiving. And every year, my staff outvotes me and we set up the books much earlier. The only reason we do that is because so many people are buying their holiday books earlier and earlier.
I’ve noticed, too, that more people in September have bought a book saying it’s a holiday present than I can ever remember in the past. It’s always curious who these highly organized people are. They obviously plan ahead, and they are smartly spreading the financial burden of the holiday season through several months. But I will never understand these people.

When I was a kid the Christmas display went up the day after Thanksgiving and that was just fine for everyone. We enjoyed the season we were in.Halloween didn’t share the aisle with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I liked that. There was a real honesty in that to me. No one would have thought that having Christmas books up in September was a good idea. Why now do I feel like not having a section of Christmas books is actually hurting my business? I will remain steadfast, for now, and always know where my holiday books and decorations are, but I am loathe to put them until the beginning of November.
And no matter how much I might want to, I will not begin wearing my Santa hat until the day after Thanksgiving.

The Art of a Cold Reading

Josie Leavitt - September 24, 2012

Retailers often have one chance to work with a new customer. Staff help gets judged immediately by customers as actually helpful or actively not. There is an art to reading a customer. If you squander your one chance, you very well might have lost a sale.
Here are some things we try to remember as customers come in.
– Greet them, but don’t approach right away.
– Pay attention to their body language. Are they engaged in browsing or are they sighing because they can’t find something?
– Let some time pass before asking them if they need help. We always say as we walk by with a stack of shelving (always best to have a task so the customer doesn’t feel trapped), “Let me know if I can help you find anything?” This question is far less threatening than the “Do you need help?” It allows the shopper to look around and let you know that they can’t find the poetry section.
– Never hover. Nothing can ruin a quiet day at the bookstore more than an over-eager bookseller who just won’t let you be.
– Again, the art of noticing body language comes into play during the browsing phase. Some people don’t ask for help, but clearly would appreciate some. It’s your job as the staffer on the floor to aid this person in finding a book. People have lots of ways of letting you know they’re stymied. Sighing is a big clue. Saying to the children in a voice just loud enough for you to hear: “I wonder if they have that book by Eric Carle?” If you hear this, then you go up and ask them what they’re looking for.
– If they ask for book recommendations, do not overwhelm them. I find it’s easy to get carried away and that can be detrimental to book purchases. It’s far better to pick two to three books you’re passionate about and talk about them rather than throw a huge stack at someone. However, there are also people who want big stacks. They will be leaning in and actively listening.
– Never, ever, make someone feel bad for their choice of book. There can be nothing worse than passing judgment on someone’s reading. I don’t really care what people are reading, I’m just glad they’re reading and looking for books in my store.
– Lastly, most customers have made a conscious choice to visit your store. Remember that without them, we’d have far fewer people to talk to about books.

When Staffers Go Back to School

Josie Leavitt - September 21, 2012

This past summer we had two student staffers. We’ve been without them for almost a month. PJ is up the road at the University of Vermont and David began his junior year of high school. I love having young staffers at the store and I’m finding myself missing them.
PJ, who will ultimately be leaving us next fall when she gets her Master’s in Scotland, isn’t fully leaving us  – she’s just drastically cutting back her hours, from 24 hours a week to eight. This is something we really feel. Her pleasant demeanor and knowledge and love of books make her a real asset to the store. And having great help Fridays and all weekend from her has been a boon all summer. It’s been great to see PJ go from a shy teenager to a confident young woman who loves to talk to customers about books.
I’ll always remember the first day PJ really flew solo, as it were. It was her first Christmas season with us and I asked her to run the register. Up till then we’d really only trained on it and she was good but timid with customers, preferring instead to shelve, organize and clean. Her eyes widened in fear and she rang people up all day and started to love it. I knew that throwing her off the retail deep end was the only way to go.
Young David, as I sometimes call him, is finishing his first summer of employment with us. We were his first job and he’s done great. I mentioned him in an earlier blog about working with kids. The learning curve for young people working with the public is steep. He’s handled some tough customers very gracefully. Of course, the younger the staffer the better they are at the computer. So, getting him up and running on our point of sale took far less time than with someone older, and that was delightful.
As both PJ and David head back to school I know we are losing some energy, lots of laughs and two work horses. I never feel bad about a young person carrying heavy boxes to the basement. It’s sort of a rite of passage that I secretly revel in. I also enjoy scaring the bejeepers out of the young ones at least once a summer. So, now I have to wait for the busy rush of Christmas to get my young staffers back, and I can’t wait.

Book Launch for a Customer

Josie Leavitt - September 20, 2012

It’s not every day that a good customer writes a book and gets it published. Jeanne Blackmore is that customer.  She is also one of my favorites. All of us in retail have customers we love to see walk in the door. Sometimes it’s because we know they love books and tend to buy a lot, and sometimes it’s because seeing them walk in the store means at least 15 minutes of laughter and good conversation. Jeanne is a great combination of both.
Her debut picture book is called How Does Sleep Come? and it’s a lovely bedtime book, full of gorgeous illustrations and soothing, lovely text that makes me relaxed every time I read it. Jeanne’s grandfather is Roger Duvoisin, so she comes by her talent naturally. It struck me as funny that in all the years I’ve known Jeanne, I only learned of this familial connection when I read the press release. I liked her even more for that.
This was our first pajama party. We had cookies and milk for the kids and wine and cheese for the adults. Many kids came in their pjs and that was so cute to see. What you can’t see in the photo on the left was the book that the boy had tucked in the pocket of his robe. I loved his earnestness. It did break my heart, though, when he asked three times if any of the cookies were gluten free.
Jeanne may be a tax lawyer by day, but she sure handled the event like a pro. She asked the kids how they fall asleep. It’s amazing to me how shy noisy kids can get when asked a question. Then she showed the crowd her daughter’s special blanket and bunny. This was the only tense moment of the event. The smallest child in the crowd, probably three, clad in cow jammies, saw the bunny and was rapt. The bunny went around the room for all to touch, but when it went away all we could hear was this sad little voice, “Daddy, can you tell me where the bunny went?” Everyone chuckled. And later, when all the other kids were eating cookies, this little girl was at the desk, patting the bunny’s nose.
The book is based on Jeanne’s son Ben and she wrote it when he was two to help him sleep. It took her 20 minutes to write and the publisher asked her to change two words. Just two! Wow. The story works so gently and calmly that all the pj-clad kids who were bouncing around before the reading, were silent and leaning in during the reading. They were so quiet all the parents rushed to buy copies after the event. I’ve never actually seen kids quiet down so fast for so long.
It was a little bit like magic.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Elizabeth Bluemle - September 19, 2012

Flying Pig bookseller Darrilyn is not easily daunted, but a phone call this week tested her mettle. Last week, we received a mis-shipment of three boxes. We hadn’t ordered these books. They are heavy volumes, so while there were only 12 books in all, they arrived just four to a carton.
We called the publisher and explained that we had received these three mystery boxes, and would like to return them. The publisher offered to send call tags (for those of you not in the field, these are pre-paid mailing labels).
So far, so good.
The problem started when we then received one call tag, for one box. Our UPS man, savvily noticing that we only had a single call tag, picked up one box and headed on his merry way. Darrilyn headed to the phone to let the publisher know we needed two more call tags–and that’s where a simple shipping error turned into a Kafka-esque dramedy that took 15 to 20 minutes of staff time.
It took a good 12 minutes for Darrilyn to get across to the customer service rep (in a service center somewhere far, far away) what had happened. Every time she thought the situation was clear, the very polite but misunderstanding woman on the other end of the phone would ask for a piece of information that revealed we were still on different pages. For instance, she REALLY wanted our purchase order number. We would like to have given her that information, but since we hadn’t actually ordered the books, there was no PO number to provide. She also kept putting Darrilyn on hold and coming back with permission to return the books, which was kind, but since we hadn’t ordered them in the first place, unnecessary.
The fact that there were three boxes for only 12 books was particularly stymie-ing to the customer service rep, no matter how many times Darrilyn explained that they, the publisher whose rep we were speaking with, shipped that title four to a carton because they weighed so much. The confusion was compounded by the fact that we now only had eight books in two cartons to return, since one had gone back with the single call tag. This turned into a circular conversation that would have been hilarious if a line hadn’t started forming at the register. Patient customers were waiting for Darrilyn — who had expected a two-minute phone call — to be able to come back and sell books.
At the end of the call, after four on-hold sessions, Darrilyn was told that the rep we were speaking with was not able to do anything about the problem; we would need to talk to the person who had issued the single call tag. We were given this person’s first name and an assurance that we would be hearing from her. Let’s just say we aren’t quite holding our collective breath, and fully expect another round of “Who’s on First?” tomorrow.
All this by way of giving readers another glimpse into the glamorous world of bookselling. Frankly, we encounter enough little snafus in the day that we ARE responsible for without spending this much time on mistakes that aren’t ours.

Are Things This Bad?

Josie Leavitt - September 17, 2012

There is a publisher, that shall remain nameless, that has a new habit of sending out invoices, statements and delinquency notices every Saturday morning. I find this a curious time to send things as seemingly important as trade delinquencies, as for most stores, these emails won’t be seen until Monday morning. Plus, it can be a harsh way to start your weekend.
I know with the closing of Borders, many publishers were left carrying enormous debt and now every penny counts. Yes we have, rightfully, gotten a few of these notices as our checks and statements have missed each other in the mail. Have we been three days late to pay because of a vacation or trade show? Of course we have. I do not enjoy these statements, but understand that the bill must get paid. And pay it I do.
As I sipped my morning coffee on Saturday I checked the store email and my heart sank when I saw it: the trade delinquency notice. No one wants to get emails like this. I wondered what I had missed, as I felt fairly current with this publisher when I factored in my credits. I took a gulp of coffee and opened the email’s attachment. I read through the list of items due and my credits. So far I couldn’t really see that I owed much. I got to the bottom of the page and saw that I owed the massive sum of 53 cents. It’s going to cost me more to mail a check for that amount than what I owe.
I feel for the publishers who are in a bind, but getting a threatening letter for a 53-cent balance really makes me mad and makes me feel sad for the business in general. But, I sent off my check with a 44-cent stamp and wondered what next week’s email will bring?

The Stars So Far (as of 9/10/12)

Elizabeth Bluemle - September 13, 2012

Start your medal handicapping engines, folks! Here’s the updated list of the year’s starred reviews for children’s and YA books from Booklist, The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, the Horn Book, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, and VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates).
So far, 744 books have received 1,218 starred reviews. Receiving a starred review is a special, joyful honor for a book and its creators. While everyone will understandably focus much interest on the books receiving multiple stars, and may lose steam before getting toward the bottom of the list, I encourage you to take a long look at the single-star books; those often are given to rare discoveries, not in the mainstream swim, and are well worth exploring.

Publishers and authors: starred reviews are counted only when they have been officially published by the review magazines. This update covers reviews published through September 10, 2012. If your book has an upcoming star, never fear: it will be included in a future update. Publishers may alert me to any oversights at ebluemle AT; please include all starred review sources and dates for any books you’re referencing.

We hope this list will be a handy resource for booksellers, librarians, teachers, readers, and folks in the children’s book industry. The list was compiled and formatted by one indie bookseller. It’s a labor of love and takes hours of research and data input (and time-consuming tinkering to standardize the entries). If you are using this as a purchasing tool, please consider ordering from an independent bookstore instead of an online store or chain. If you don’t have a local independent, there are scores of indies you can order from online via

Happy reading!
Code Name Verity. Elizabeth Wein. Hyperion, $16.99 (9781423152194)
Fault in Our Stars, The. John Green. Dutton, $17.99 (9780525478812)
Seraphina. Rachel Hartman. Random, $17.99 (9780375866562)
Jimmy the Greatest! Jairo Buitrago, trans. from the Spanish by Elisa Amado, illus. by Rafael Yockteng. Groundwood (PGW, dist.), $18.95 (9781554981786)
Z Is for Moose. Kelly Bingham, illus. by Paul O. Zelinsky. Greenwillow, $16.99 (9780060799847)
Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship. Russell Freedman. Clarion, $18.99 (9780547385624)
and then it’s spring. Julie Fogliano, illus. by Erin E. Stead. Roaring Brook/Porter, $16.99 (9781596436244)
Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust. Doreen Rappaport. Candlewick, $22.99 (9780763629762)
Bitterblue. Kristin Cashore. Dial, $19.99 (9780803734739)
Brides of Rollrock Island, The. Margo Lanagan. Knopf, $17.99 (9780375869198)
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Drowned Cities, The. Paolo Bacigalupi. Little, Brown, $17.99 (9780316056243)
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Impossible Rescue, The: The True Story of an Amazing Arctic Adventure. Martin W. Sandler. Candlewick, $17.99 (97807636508)
Liar & Spy. Rebecca Stead. Random/Lamb, $15.99 (9780385737432)
Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95. Phillip Hoose. FSG, $21.99 (9780374304683)
Never Fall Down. Patricia McCormick. HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, $17.99 (9780061730931)
No Crystal Stair: A Documentary Novel of the Life and Work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem Bookseller. Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, illus. by R. Gregory Christie. Carolrhoda Lab, $17.95 (9780761361695)
This Is Not My Hat. Jon Klassen. Candlewick, $15.99 (9780763655990)
Beetle Book, The. Steve Jenkins. Houghton Mifflin, $16.99 (9780547680842)
Black Hole Is NOT a Hole, A. Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano, illus. by Michael Carroll. Charlesbridge, $18.95 (9781570917837)
Boy on Cinnamon Street, The. Phoebe Stone. Scholastic/Levine, $16.99 (9780545215121)
Brothers at Bat: The True Story of an Amazing All-Brother Baseball Team. Audrey Vernick, illus. by Steven Salerno. Clarion, $16.99 (9780547385570)
Certain October, A. Angela Johnson. Simon & Schuster, $15.99 (9780689865053)
Chloe. Peter McCarty. HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, $16.99 (9780061142918)
Crow. Barbara Wright. Random, $16.99 (9780375869280)
Dying to Know You. Aidan Chambers. Abrams/Amulet, $16.95 (9781419701658)
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Final Four, The. Paul Volponi. Viking, $16.99 (9780670012640)
Froi of the Exiles. Melina Marchetta. Candlewick, $18.99 (9780763647599)
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs. Mo Willems. HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, $17.99 (9780062104182)
Grave Mercy. Robin LaFevers. Houghton Mifflin, $16.99 (9780547628349)
Home for Bird, A. Philip C. Stead. Roaring Brook/Porter, $16.99 (9781596437111)
Island: A Story of the Galápagos. Jason Chin. Flash Point/Porter, $16.99 (9781596437166)
Just Ducks! Nicola Davies, illus. by Salvatore Rubbino. Candlewick, $15.99 (9780763659363)
Life in the Ocean: The Story of Oceanographer Sylvia Earle. Claire A. Nivola. FSG/Foster, $17.99 (9780374380687)
Mighty Mars Rovers, The: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity. Elizabeth Rusch. Houghton, $18.99 (9780547478814)
Miles to Go for Freedom: Segregation and Civil Rights in the Jim Crow Years. Linda Barrett Osborne. Abrams, $24.95 (9781419700200)
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Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey. Mini Grey. Knopf, $16.99 (9780375869525)
Waiting. Carol Lynch Williams. S&S/Wiseman, $16.99 (9781442443532)
Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems. Kate Coombs, illus. by Meilo So. Chronicle, $16.99 (9780811872843)
We’ve Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March. Cynthia Y. Levinson. Peachtree, $19.95 (9781561456277)
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Master of Deceit: J. Edgar Hoover and America in the Age of Lies. Marc Aronson. Candlewick, $25.99 (9780763650254)
Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat. Susanna Reich, illus. by Amy Bates. Abrams. $16.95 (9781419701771)
Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten! Hyewon Yum. FSG/Foster, $16.99 (9780374350048)
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“Don’t Over Moo the Cow”

Josie Leavitt - September 12, 2012

The nature of a bookstore is that merchandise will get played with and looked at. This is a very good thing that most retailers encourage. A problem arises when little ones don’t understand the nature of business and can’t stop playing with something at the store.
We keep our sidelines by the register for two reasons. The first is they are a great impulse buy, so having them by the register is smart. The second reason we keep them within sight is so we can keep an eye on  the products. Sometimes these are things that can break easily or  they are the noisy toys. We have a really cute display of farmyard pens. These pens come as a cow, sheep, owl and pig. If the plastic tab is removed from the back of the animal’s head, they make that animal’s sound when the head is depressed. Generally, we’ll have one of each ready for kids to play with and the rest have the silencing plastic tab in place. For some reason all the tabs have been removed and every pen makes a very loud “Moo,” “Oink,” or in the case of the owl, the loudest, scariest shriek you’ve ever heard. I have to admit I’m not patient with these noises at the register for prolonged periods of time. But rather than be a total curmudgeon and just taking the pen away, I’ve found myself saying things like, “Don’t over moo the cow.” Really? Can you actually over moo a cow? I guess little ones don’t understand about batteries yet, and saying something could be over oinked seems to work with kids.
Stuffed animals can often present a challenge to little shoppers. Up until the time kids started going to stores, all stuffed animals could be played with, pretty much no matter where you were. At a store a child has to learn that these soft, lovable creatures either need to be left alone or paid for. We solved part of this problem by having toys that could be played with and hugged and sat on. This allowed the for-sale plushies to stay cleaner longer. The problem arises when it’s time to leave and a child wants to take the animal home. We have found a great way to break it to the child that they can’t have the animal is to tell them the animal lives at the store and has to stay. This they understand and it’s gentle without making the child feel bad.
Kids love to spin things. We have finger puppets hanging from a book mark spinner and kids love to flick the spinner as hard as they can to see what will happen to the puppets. I have always thought that this looked like a carnival ride where inevitably someone gets motion sick. A mom clearly had the same idea when I heard her say to her five-year-old, “It’s not a ride for the animals, sweetie.”
I chuckled when I heard this and watched the ride slow down, and I could see that all the animals were fine.