An Interview with Mrs. Perry’s Class

Kenny Brechner - June 20, 2017

It was time to come back for the second part of my favorite, and longest running, DDG school literacy project: the 11th annual Mrs. Perry’s Class ARC Review Project. Here are the kids reading the Advanced Readers’ Copies that I had delivered to them during part one.

It’s always a great project but this year was a particularly great group of fourth graders. The kids were totally engaged with the books. Two in particular had really captured quite a few readers. Cosmic Commandos didn’t surprise me since a strong new graphic novel was sure to please and would have been easy to pass around during the review time, but Watchdog, a more involved book about a robot watchdog named Daisy surprised me. After going over their book reviews I asked a few questions.

Kenny: What would you have done differently if you had written the book you read?

Keyra: The age for the book (Nutcracked) should have been different. It said it was for 10-13 but it should have said it was for 12-14.

Leah:  I think the plan should have been known earlier. You didn’t find out until the end.

Leyani: The title only described one part of the book. Ben Franklin was only in the bathtub for one paragraph, but it grabbed my attention.

Kenny: Would you choose to spend time in the world of the book you read? If so how long?

Jesslyn: Squishers – I would have.

Ella: I would have lived with criminals. I would not want that.

Keyra: I would not want friendship problems, but would like the magic stuff.

Emma: No, I am not ready for middle school.

Kaden: I wouldn’t want the scary stuff but I would want the awesome things that happen.

Kenny: What series book you’re waiting for the most right now?

Brandon: Magic Tree House #78.

Eli: Bravelands, I really want to read the next one. Also Cosmic Commandos.

Bode:  A new I Survive book.

Tyler: I want another Wonder book.

Kenny:  It is definitely past time for her to write a new book.

Kaden: A new Watchdog book.

Kenny: If you heard that Mrs. Perry has a magical creature at home what would you expect it to be?

(chorus of voices)

A hedgehog.

A cat.

Kenny: Why is the cat magical?

It’s a cat that breathes fire.

Oh I know, a dragon!

Actually my hedgehog is magical because it can float in the air.

The Loch Ness monster.

Kenny: Wow, Nessie might be a little big for Mrs. Perry’s house.


A magical monkey.

A dog that has a wagging tail that makes him fly.

A bull shark that flies and breathes fire.

A giraffe.

A turtle with a really big shell that you could live inside with the turtle.

A grindyloe.

Kenny: Ooh, that’s a water creature, would that live in her bathtub?


Kenny: Bit of a nasty surprise for her guests.


Kenny: Were there any characters in the book you read that you think would make a good friend for you and why?

Leyani: Ben Franklin because he’s fun, he does a lot of experiments and I like science and he swims.

Keyra: Noah because he likes magical things.

Daric: Daisy the really nice watchdog, because she’s a really smart robot.

Steve: Daisy.

Camdyn: Og the frog.

Kaden: Justin, the really nice one who has a lot of friends.

Kenny: Top plot for a book that hasn’t been done yet?

Leyani: A person who could turn into animals with magical powers.

Thomas: A robot who wants to live like a human.

Bode: A lizard that is invisible.

Kenny: Thanks, everyone!

Hooray, Mrs. Perry! Okay, let’s take a group photo.

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  1. Cynthia Compton

    I think that 4th graders are magical creatures, and I want all of these characters to be my friends.
    What a great project, Kenny!


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