What Booksellers Do When They Skip Work

Josie Leavitt - July 1, 2010

I know when kids see me outside of my store, they always look surprised. It’s as if they’re thinking, “But don’t you live at the bookstore?” Well, no, it just seems that way. But we do get out of the store and sometimes, if we’re lucky we get to go fishing. Living so close to Lake Champlain means there’s a giant lake full of fish.
I never fish except when our Indiana cousins come visiting for the last week of June. It helps that they tow their bass fishing boat from Indiana so all the boat-less Vermonters get out on the lake. It is wonderfully relaxing to be on the water. I got up early yesterday to fish at 6:15 a.m. What a splendid way to bring in the day. I forget that natural beauty is so restorative for the soul. It also helps to catch some fish. We came back in at 11 a.m and then I had another full day of meals with family and playing games, and catching some more fish.
It’s a little scary how easily I’m letting go of work this week. My staff is more than capable. In fact, I think they’re enjoying a break from the bosses, and I must say, the brief moment I popped in there the other day, the store looked sparkly and clean and they kept trying to usher me out of there.
I am taking a deep, deep breath and it’s been as good as the beer in the photo, which is really just there for contrast, so you can just how big that Small Mouth Bass really is.

3 thoughts on “What Booksellers Do When They Skip Work

  1. Peggy

    When I called the staff to let them know that Michele and I were back from vacation, Susan, who answered the phone, hollered, “They’re back! Take down the effigies in the workroom and undeck the boughs of holly!”

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