Mother-Son Date at the Bookstore

Elizabeth Bluemle -- January 10th, 2014

beautiful_mother_embracing_and_hugging_her_child_a_son_0071-0904-3008-0326_SMUWe love it when the bookstore is a destination for a special occasion. We’ve held private birthday parties here, and even were honored to host a wedding after hours. Even the smallest and simplest celebrations make our day.

Recently, a mom came in with her six-year-old son. “We’re having a date today,” she said, her arm around his shoulder, “and you should know that the bookstore is a special part of our date.”¬†Awwwwww, I love that!

While the young man browsed among the chapter books, his mom mentioned quietly to us that he had done his hair specially for the occasion — normally a regular cut, today it poked up in a cute ridge from front to back like a stylish mohawk without the shaved sides. Soon, he found a Geronimo Stilton book he wanted, and several other books and toys he was hoping for. Since they were only buying one book that day, we set up a wish list for him (ahh, the wish list, that wonderful tool for defusing disappointment) and as they were leaving, the mom said, “We’ll see you on our next date!”


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