Are Things This Bad?

Josie Leavitt -- September 17th, 2012

There is a publisher, that shall remain nameless, that has a new habit of sending out invoices, statements and delinquency notices every Saturday morning. I find this a curious time to send things as seemingly important as trade delinquencies, as for most stores, these emails won’t be seen until Monday morning. Plus, it can be a harsh way to start your weekend.

I know with the closing of Borders, many publishers were left carrying enormous debt and now every penny counts. Yes we have, rightfully, gotten a few of these notices as our checks and statements have missed each other in the mail. Have we been three days late to pay because of a vacation or trade show? Of course we have. I do not enjoy these statements, but understand that the bill must get paid. And pay it I do.

As I sipped my morning coffee on Saturday I checked the store email and my heart sank when I saw it: the trade delinquency notice. No one wants to get emails like this. I wondered what I had missed, as I felt fairly current with this publisher when I factored in my credits. I took a gulp of coffee and opened the email’s attachment. I read through the list of items due and my credits. So far I couldn’t really see that I owed much. I got to the bottom of the page and saw that I owed the massive sum of 53 cents. It’s going to cost me more to mail a check for that amount than what I owe.

I feel for the publishers who are in a bind, but getting a threatening letter for a 53-cent balance really makes me mad and makes me feel sad for the business in general. But, I sent off my check with a 44-cent stamp and wondered what next week’s email will bring?

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