I Was Wrong

Josie Leavitt -- November 9th, 2012

In my post from September about rushing to put out holiday books, I was fairly adamant that Christmas books should not go out until at least the week of Thanksgiving. Well, I’m here to publicly say I was wrong.

It would appear that the minute the last little trick or treater has returned home, thoughts immediately turn to Christmas. The morning of November 1st I walked into the store and saw my staff about to set up the holiday books. I vehemently disagreed with them and said it just felt too soon. Kelly and JP just shook their heads at me. I snorted and said to put out one shelf of books on our face out picture book display.

Then they came. The people who sensed there were holiday books to be had started sniffing around the books. One woman with a recent breast cancer diagnosis came and said she “didn’t have time to wait while staffers brought out the holiday books for her to look at.” Kelly relayed this conversation to me immediately after the customer left.

Within moments all of the holiday books were on display. We probably sell at least 5 to 10 of these books a day. I am stunned, but people feel the need to shop early and they don’t want to feel bad about it. So, my new rule for the holidays has changed to November 1st for the holiday book display. But, I’m still not wearing my Santa hat until the day after Thanksgiving.

3 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. Suzette Ciancio

    Josie, I feel your pain. I hope you sell all of your holiday books by the time Christmas is over. & Stand your ground on the Santa hat, tho’.

  2. Amanda

    My understanding of how early is too early changed this year. I have a two year old and I realized that if I start the Christmas stuff now, it gives him the time he needs to process it. Especially books and music. Plus, with a two year old and baby, I’m working at ticking off the Christmas list now so I won’t have to tote both of them around in the snow so much. I was always a Christmas-after-turkey enthusiast, but I guess that has changed.

  3. Kitti

    I understand that stores have to decorate well ahead of the season. But when neighbors put their trees and lights up on 1 November? It makes me want to mail them an Easter card.

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