The Tooth Fairy Shops Local

Josie Leavitt -- November 5th, 2012

We have a lovely relationship with most parents who shop at our store. Often we help parents keep present shopping under wraps while browsing with children in tow. At Christmastime books will literally be thrown at us to hide. Friday I had my encounter with the Tooth Fairy.

A young mom was shopping with her recently toothless daughter. They had spent a fair amount of time looking at fairy books. When they were ready to be rung up the mom said very loudly, “You do business with the tooth fairy, right?” And she winked. At first I was thinking that we had gotten a new vendor since I came from a long weekend away. The poor customer was now looking nervous and I quickly caught on.

“Of course we do business with the Tooth Fairy.” I said loud enough for the little girl to hear. Before we got the transaction started, the mom threw a $20 bill at me and then presented me with the cutest coupon I’ve ever seen. Samantha, the new owner of a fairy book, seemed pleased to see the transaction finish. I asked if I could keep the coupon and the mom nodded. Samantha looked at me and asked why I wanted it back. I told her the Tooth Fairy is a meticulous record keeper and I was just trying to keep her happy.

Later that day another mom came in explaining that she and her girls were buying books because the Halloween Fairy lets them buy a book for every three pieces of candy they give her. Then the Halloween Fairy shares her candy with all the fairies, so they all have enough candy.  This elaborate plan was excitedly and haltingly explained by Lilla who was shopping for three books!

Kids shopping for books at the behest of Fairies, who all shop local, just about made my year.

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