Great Comments – Bring ‘Em On!

Elizabeth Bluemle - January 11, 2013

Yesterday’s blog post about books we love passionately but don’t often recommend to young readers hit a chord with several children’s booksellers and librarians and brought in some wonderful comments. We decided to keep that post current over the weekend, and hope you’ll weigh in with your thoughts and also more book titles.
And while we’re talking about comments, a word of appreciation to all of you who take the time to respond to our blog posts. Not only do your comments add depth and richness–and often humor–to the discussions, but they are a little shout back from the vast Internet wilderness. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Great Comments – Bring ‘Em On!

  1. Tim tocher

    Glad for a second chance to contribute to a great topic. Does anyone still recommend PADDLE TO THE SEA by Holling Clancy Holling? This is another picture book that provides fantastic interdisciplinary activities for middle grade students. I used it with 3rd graders during my teaching career. 4th and 5th could more easily read it independently. Several of my students returned from summer vacation to proudly announce, “I saw everything Paddle saw!”
    Tim Tocher, author of LONG SHOT


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