A Flying Pig First: Wedding in the Bookstore!

Elizabeth Bluemle - June 22, 2011

The newlyweds at Shelburne Farms.

Nothing makes us feel better about our bricks-and-mortar bookstore than when it serves as a unique and meaningful place to friends, family, customers and community members. At the Flying Pig, we’ve been privileged to witness a baby taking his first steps. We’ve been honored (if slightly disconcerted) to hear that a ten-year-old customer—in a family discussion about burial and cremation and other post-life possibilities—expressed her wish to someday be buried under the bookstore: her ideal resting place. Now, after this weekend, we can also claim the immense delight of having hosted a wedding—in the Classics and Poetry section, no less.
A few months ago, I received a call from a friend and former Vermont College MFA classmate, whom we’ll refer to as Gabrielle for the purposes of this post.

Our friend, The Good Judge.

Gabrielle told me she and her boyfriend were going to elope in June, and that they really wanted to be married at The Flying Pig. It was a wild and wonderful idea, and perfectly suited to them. She’s a children’s book writer and PR professional; he’s a published art historian. They share a deep love of books and literature, and, although they don’t live in Vermont, they both have connections to the state and great memories here. It was a match, as they say, made in heaven.

The happy couple and TGJ, mid-vow.

We put Gabrielle and Doogle* in touch with our dear friend, hereafter referred to as The Good Judge, who was to perform the ceremony. (*Doogle is Gabrielle’s nickname for her guy, because he is such a font of knowledge that she never needs to search Google any more, and his name starts with a D.) Because this was a top-secret elopement, we successfully resisted the urge to tell everyone we knew to casually drop by the bookstore at 6:00 pm on July 18.

Post-wedding hilarity and a champagne toast.

The ceremony was beautiful and intimate and fun — just the five of us. The vows were both classic and contemporary, a template The Good Judge has developed over years of performing wedding services. And the bride and groom were gorgeous: he, rakish and charming; she, beautiful and graceful as Audrey Hepburn. (She was always the stylish one in our Vermont College class. Clearly, no one ever bothered to tell her that most of us children’s book writers prioritize comfort over fashion. Now, before I get flamed, please note that I did say “most.”)
The bride carried lilies; the groom wore a purple tie. Have I mentioned that it was just perfect?

Twilight at Shelburne Farms.

Afterward, we had a champagne toast, then went to dinner at the glorious Inn at Shelburne Farms, and celebrated and laughed and teased and laughed some more, late into the evening. There was a glow around everything that afternoon and night, a glow that will last far into the future of our little bookstore. We wish Gabrielle and Doogle (can’t say that name without chuckling) a rich, light-filled life together and all manner of beautiful—and bookish—delights. We are so honored to have hosted their wedding, and if they ever run into a rocky patch, well, they know where they can find some helpful reading. Heck, we’re related now.

The nuptial dinner: relaxed, jovial, magical.

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  1. Marcia Kaplan

    What a wonderful tribute to the store and the couple. Having been in the childrens book business for almost 30 years it made me so happy for the couple.We never know what an impact we have on our communities.


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