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Alison Morris - August 7, 2008

Yesterday my post featured an "Atticus Finch President 2008" t-shirt, which happens to be just one of the many items currently available for the presidential (or other) campaigns of authors and book characters. You could also pledge your support for, say, Mark Twain (who was dead the last time I checked) or two of his characters, Huck Funn and Tom Sawyer.

Or you could throw your support behind… Nellie Olsen?? Of the Little House on the Prairie television series?? (I love that there’s a tribute site to Alison Arngrin, who portrayed Nellie, that refers to her as a "Prairie Bitch.")

Hitchiker fans might be happy to see this button (from Media Tees on Café Press).

And Star Wars fans have an entire Zazzle shop at their disposal, featuring campaign buttons and shirts for all their favorite characters, with images like these:

You knew Harry would have to get someone‘s vote:

But are you surprised about Steinbeck?

I love the slogan for Holmes and Watson‘s campaign:

Gee, do you suppose the media can dig up any dirt on these two?

If you’re wishing Bill Clinton could return to take the reins but not sure you want to advertise, try flying under the radar with this t-shirt supporting Jack Stanton, the fictional character thought to have been based on Bill Clinton in Joe Klein’s novel Primary Colors.

And then there are these bumper stickers from SimplyBitten’s shop on Etsy. Don’t tell me if Bella wins this campaign, because I haven’t started Breaking Dawn yet. Or Eclipse, for that matter. Clearly I’ve got some catching up to do!

5 thoughts on “Campaign Items for Other Candidates

  1. Julianne Daggett

    Ha ha! I love these campaign paraphernalia. Especially ‘Vote for Zaphod’! If he were president we’d have the most charismatic president in the galaxy, easily beating Barack Obama.

  2. S. L. Clemens

    Finn/Sawyer is great. Takes just a second to recognize the joke, and then the pres. and v.p. slots are cleverly aligned with the relative status of the books. That’s one satisfying t-shirt!

  3. Becky

    Ah, Zaphod. What more can I say? I love the “Seeker of Equal Rights Campaign.” As far as Mark Twain being dead, I don’t think such trivial matters apply to this race. After all, we have a few non-citizens and non-humans in the running, so I don’t think death really matters much. 😉 Holy cow, Alison! You DO have some catching up to do, as far as the Twilight saga goes. Then again, with all the books already in your queue, and having to stay on top of things for the customers (and for the readers of this blog) I can’t blame you. Kudos for venturing online to post things, though. I hope you don’t stumble onto any spoilers- that’s one of my pet peeves.

  4. Mort Ginsberg

    The entire idea is fascinating, especially with my having retired from the promotional products industry which owes much of its success to imprinting wearables. My own nominee would be Ukey Laley, a young man who actually brings peace to the world with his music. Of course I’m prejudiced since Ukey is the main character in my children’s book, Ukey and his Magical Ukulele.


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