What Character Would You Want in the White House?

Alison Morris - August 6, 2008

Let’s escape reality for a moment, shall we, and envision a fictional future country with fictional prosperity for all, at the helm of which would be… a fictional book character. In my fictional dream that character would probably be Atticus Finch, as it would perhaps for the person who created this t-shirt at right on Café Press.

As election fervor is heating up, some stores are asking kids to cast votes in the "Send a Character to Washington" vein, among them Hicklebee’s in San Jose, Calif., whose ballot features quite an interesting mix of Character Candidates! Each of the candidates or a representative for them recently spoke at Hicklebee’s about their qualifications for the post of President and I’ve linked to their (brief) now-on-YouTube speeches here:

Miss Rumphius of Miss Rumphius
Sweetness of Saving Sweetness
Dex of Dex: The Heart of a Hero
Seth Sorenson of Fablehaven
Kate Wetherall of The Mysterious Benedict Society
Will Knight of Storm: The Infinity Code
Ella of Ella Enchanted
Violet of A Series of Unfortunate Events
Mercy Watson of Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride
Commander Toad of Commander Toad
Stanley of Flat Stanley
Clementine of Clementine
Annie of The Magic Tree House series
Liza Lou of Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp
Martha of George and Martha
Minnie of the Minnie & Moo series
The Pigeon of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
Chester of Chester
Horton of Horton Hears a Who

You can also watch the candidates engage in a group debate and head to Hicklebee’s on August 14th to cast your final vote.

Not close enough to San Jose to make such a trip, or not interested in these particular candidates? No matter. Make a pitch HERE for the fictional book character you’d most like to see leading our nation!

15 thoughts on “What Character Would You Want in the White House?


    Elizabeth, the PaperBag Princess for President. Eloise for Vice President, Horton for Secretary of State, the Lorax for Secretary of the Interior,The Pigeon for Secretary of Transportation, Arnie the Donut, for Surgeon General

  2. Elizabeth Devereaux

    You’re being much more imaginative than I am, Alison, and I’d vote for Atticus Finch in a heartbeat. BUT ever since reading the Ellen Emerson White series that begins with THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER I’ve been wishing I could vote for Katharine Vaughn Powers.

  3. Pete

    I have no picks for President, but — for VP I would suggest Lord Droon (from Dr. Seuss’ THE KING’S STILTS) as absolutely ideal.

  4. Becky

    Atticus would make a wonderful president. I’ll cast my vote for Hans Hubermann from The Book Thief if Atticus is unavailable. Or maybe Harry Potter or Hermione Granger? Willy Wonka could be a contender, too if he gave out candy while he was campaigning. The Oompa-Loompas could comprise his cabinet.

  5. ShelfTalker

    Ooh, you’re all SOO clever! Kaylee, I love the idea of Arnie the Doughnut as Surgeon General. And Kirsten (a.k.a. Curious City) I think Iorek is an inspired choice. Even if he might not be the best with issues of diplomacy. Maybe he’d make a better Secretary of Defense?Becky, bless you for thinking of Hans Hubermann.

  6. John

    I like Babar! And the Lorax for Secretary of the Interior. Alex P. Keaton for Secretary of the Treasury. Atticus Finch would be wonderful too, but I see him (or Perry Mason) as Attorney General. Snoopy as Secretary of Defense (World War I Flying Ace). Linus as Secretary of State. (This is too fun!)

  7. Sunny

    (Translated from Sunny language) I think that my sister, Violet Baudelaire, would be a great addition to the White house. She is very responsible and organized, and could invent anything and everything to help keep Obama’s daughters busy.


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