A Plague of Gnome Tomes

Kenny Brechner - May 25, 2023

Dateline: May 23, 2023:
Inexplicable but aesthetically pleasing giant flowers appeared in our window overnight.

No one on staff knew anything about them. According to Nick they were just standing tall in the window when he arrived.

We began to hear reports of strange activity spotted in the window overnight. Customers spoke of seeing industrious creatures in red hats moving so quickly as to be almost a blur.

So I called our snowy owl up to the counter. But the owl, who sees all that goes on at the store at night, reported that nothing unusual had been observed. Hmmn. Well we are on high alert here and will keep investigating!

Dateline: May 24, 2023:
When we came in this morning the signs that an unnatural visitation was afoot had increased rather than ebbed.

There are some truths whose advent we resist but at this point I cannot help but acknowledge that DDG has suffered an incursion of gnomes.  They have transformed  our books in a most unsettling manner.

They have infested our window.

I called upon the store’s animal elders.

They insisted that not only had no gnomes been sighted anywhere in the store but that Meg, and not gnomes, were responsible for these unseemly displays.

I can’t believe that. They even said it was an inside job and accused me of participating in the vandalism myself.  What is the world coming to?


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