Alexie Takes Home the Top Prize

Alison Morris - November 14, 2007

A fellow book lover just called me from the floor of the National Book Awards ceremony with the news that Sherman Alexie is the winner of this year’s National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian!! Yee-haw! I love to see great acclaim go to worthy books, and this is certainly one of them.

2 thoughts on “Alexie Takes Home the Top Prize

  1. K Sawyer

    It’s not terribly obvious how to email you, so I’m putting this in the comments section. I’m a new author, and I love your podcast and blog and thought I’d chime in about my new book. I know that because it’s been put out by a brand new press ( that I don’t have much chance of getting much ad time anywhere, but I thought that since I’m a fan of yours I’ve at least got an in in the way of commenting. So, I’ve got this book called No Chinook. I’ve put it up as a free pdf ebook sort of thing on my website ( The synopsis is all there and everything, so I won’t clog the comments section with that. But I think it’s pretty good, and I hope you check it out. It would actually mean the world to me. -K Sawyer Paul


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