A Word About Mockingjay

Josie Leavitt -- August 24th, 2010

Never fear, ShelfTalker readers, we will have a post tomorrow, about our Mockingjay fun. Our party ended way too late for anyone to write anything coherently, so now take the day and read the book!

2 thoughts on “A Word About Mockingjay

  1. Mary Pierce

    You had a Mockingjay Party? Too bad I live so far away (RI). I was at your Harry Potter party for the last book (visiting a VT friend at the time) and it was absolutely, hands down, the BEST Potter party I ever attended! Oh, Flying Pig owners, you are awesome! And yes, I am taking the day to read ‘Mockingjay’.

  2. Jerri Patton

    A perfect post for ‘Happy Mockingjay’ Day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post, unless you’re too busy reading ‘Mockingjay’.

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