The Life Cycle of the MFA Residency

Elizabeth Bluemle - January 22, 2016

MFA Life Cycle 6

Part 1 of the comic © Kelly Bingham 2002

Back in 2002, I was one of a dozen students beginning our first semester at the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. That long, intense week of lectures, readings, and workshops bonded us so strongly, we all still keep in touch, celebrating life and work’s successes and mourning losses together. Admittedly, it was an exceptionally fabulous group of people, but I’ll bet that can be said of most groups of children’s book writers.
Recently, a friend of mine went to her first MFA residency. It was a different program at a different institution, but I suspected that she would go through so many of the same things we did – high hopes and dreams, self-doubt, critique fear, exhilaration, and the midweek meltdown that comes as a result of exhaustion, an excess of emotional and intellectual stimulation, and the inevitable product of introverts experiencing people overload. So I sent her off with a gift that one of my classmates from that long-ago group had given to us at the end of our week together: a cartoon sketching out the Life Cycle of the MFA Residency.
The cartoonist was Kelly Wightman, a Walt Disney feature animation storyboard artist and director. She wasn’t yet published, but showed us classmates a hilarious mock-up of a picture book about an impatient, exuberant, interrupting moose eager for the spotlight in an alphabet book. That book would be published 10 years later (under her married name, Kelly Bingham), illustrated by the illustrious and droll Paul O. Zelinsky, as Z Is for Moose (Greenwillow). Kelly has also published another picture book in the Moose series (Circle, Square, Moose) and two excellent verse novels with Candlewick, Shark Girl and Formerly Shark Girl.
But back in 2002, Kelly had no idea whether she would ever break into print. She was as nervous and excited and worried as the rest of us. So, with Kelly’s permission and in honor of all aspiring authors who take a leap of faith and risk vulnerability by sharing their creative souls in writing programs, please enjoy Kelly’s sketch immortalizing the MFA residency week – still treasured after all these years.
MFA Life Cycle 1
MFA Life Cycle 2
MFA Life Cycle 3
MFA Life Cycle 4
MFA Life Cycle 5
MFA Life Cycle 6 rev
MFA Life Cycle 7
MFA Life Cycle 8
MFA Life Cycle 9
MFA Life Cycle 10
MFA Life Cycle 11
MFA Life Cycle 12

All art © Kelly Bingham, 2002

8 thoughts on “The Life Cycle of the MFA Residency

  1. kelly bingham

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for summing up the MFA residency experience so perfectly, and for sharing my little cartoon. And for saving it all these years! That flood of overwhelming emotions from the first residency are still as clear as day to me. What an experience. I feel so lucky to have shared it with you and our other fabulous classmates. 🙂

  2. Stanley B. Trice

    Although I got an MBA instead of an MFA, this cartoon can be applied to many situations. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing and Kelly for her insight.

  3. Bethany

    YAY! So wonderful to relive it all again.
    Even better that we are on THIS side of it.
    Thanks to both of you for making this treasure known to the wider world!

  4. Karyn Henley

    These frames tell it all! Thanks, Kelly and Elizabeth. You brought back wonderful memories . . . yes, angst and insecurity, but also hope and, most of all, the great friendships that continue to be a treasure!

  5. Trina St. Jean

    So awesome – still have my copy of that brilliant depiction of our residency. Thanks for the reminder, Kelly and Elizabeth, that we got through that self-doubt and will keep giving ourselves (and each other) those pep talks. Yes, we are lucky!


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