The Ant and Bee Challenge

Kenny Brechner - December 17, 2015

antandbeeI’m on the ABA’s Revise and Revisit Kids panel, whose reason for being is to select great, languishing backlist titles to be featured in the Kids’ Indie Next List. One of my ambitions was to pitch the selection of an all-time personal favorite book, Ant and Bee by Angela Banner. I was thrilled to find that my colleagues were like-minded about this first book in a glorious series which has brought inter-generational joy and knowledge to so many children and parents.

Part of the deal is that someone on the panel has to write an 85-words-or-less blurb for each of the selected books for the Kids’ Indie Next List. I elbowed forward and claimed Ant and Bee. As I was swimming laps before work, recognizing that once I got to the shop I wouldn’t have a moment to think, (we are having a great season so far!),  I cast about in thought for the right blurb. A cluster of adjectives and other usual literary forms of commendation just didn’t seem to do Ant and Bee justice. And then it hit me. I knew what had to be done…
Ant and Bee is an Amazing picture Book which Comes to mind whenever I Decant my Everlasting memories of Favorite childhood books. Gazing at the pages in my Hand I Journey back through this beloved source of Knowledge and Laugh Merrily at their charmingly Nuanced and Original world. Perfidious is anyone who Questions the Richness and Sublimity of These alphabet story books. Underneath the stories is a Veritable fountain of Wonder, each page a magical Xylophone chord of Youth and what the Greeks call Zoi, life.
So yes, I am throwing down the gauntlet here and challenging everyone to submit their best alphabetical Ant and Bee blurb below. The winner will receive a huge dollop of glory, everlasting satisfaction, and an amazing yet to be determined prize!

7 thoughts on “The Ant and Bee Challenge

  1. CLM

    Ant and Bee are Characters Destined for Eternity in my Family with the Gracious, Hatted, Iconic, and Jowly Kind-dog Leading his Mates uNerringly Over Plains and Quays, Relentlessly Seeking Tattered Umbrellas; Vestiges of Which eXist Yellowed and Zebrine.
    (I ran out of steam)

  2. Herb Den-Crier

    The Ant and Bee Challenge?! Aha! A Brilliantly Captivating Dare at last. Enter, Friends into the most Graceful of all Hand-spun tales. Involving only one Jaundiced protagonist, a Keen wit is advantageous in comprehending this uncommonly Lauded tale, perhaps even Mandatory. A warning, though: The Never-ending Opacity of this anecdote may seem Positively Queer, but the wait is worth its scandalous Reveal. Stoutly Told, with Undue Vivacity, this Weathered and utterly un-Xanthophobic Yarn is indisputably Zesty.

    1. Kenny Brechner Post author

      I Applaud, on Balance, your Characterization, as it Demands an Exceptional degree of alphabetic Fortitude. Neither Gregarious nor Hamstrung by Ignoble Jests it imparts a Knowingly Laudable Means of Nothing less than Opportune Praise.

  3. Carol B. Chittenden

    And and Bee Cursed and Damned Every F***ing naptime, thanks to the Grandmother’s Generosity with Heaps of otherwise Incisive and Joyful books she shipped to Kansas. Loyal Mother though I am, I Nailed shut and mailed Out a Parcel of Ant and Bee (Revenge!) and Sent them to my Sister’s Toddlers, avoiding Unlovely Visions With eXactos and hot Yellow Zippers. The niece and nephew adopted And and Bee affectionately. Bah!


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