Special Order Messages

Josie Leavitt - July 26, 2010

I think everyone views their bookstore a certain way. I always think of the store as the Flying Pig. So, when I call people about special orders it’s always fascinating to hear we’re actually called when messages get relayed. We make a point to say “Your book is in.”  We never tell the title, because, as I like to say, you only need to ruin someone’s birthday once and you’ll never do it again.
– One husband just says, “It’s them again.”
– We’re often referred to as, “the Pig for you.”
– “Your book’s in at the Pig.”
– “It’s the lady (am I old enough to be a lady? when did that happen?) from the bookstore.”
– “It’s Elizabeth from the bookstore.” Gets shouted to someone in the house. No, actually, it’s Josie, but folks are forever confusing us. People actually get mad when they find out we’re not sisters, or in some case, twins. Really? If you look closely, there’s nothing twin-like about us.
– Messages left with little kids kill me. “I’ll tell Mommy about the book.”  They’re earnest, but I hang up knowing Mommy isn’t going to get the message. Ever.
– Then there are the teenagers who answer the phone and tell you to call back so you can leave a message because they won’t take a message. And then you call back, and they answer the phone, again. Seriously, just write a small note.
– Every once in a while I’ll call a house about a book, and I know the man answering the phone is the gift recipient of the book and he’ll ask and ask, “What’s the book? What’s the title? What’s the book about?” It’s actually funny because men are the most persistent questioners about potential gift books. I never waiver and I hope they don’t get mad.
– The ones I love to call are the eight to twelve year olds who are thrilled that their book is in and they shout, “Mom, we gotta go to the Flying Pig!” And in ten minutes they arrive, with the child hugging the book and then reading on the way out.

3 thoughts on “Special Order Messages

  1. Spellbound

    I figured out long ago to ask when jotting down the order if it’s okay to leave a message if I get a machine. In some cases we work out a code message, like “This is Leslie with a message for Jane. The broccoli you ordered is ready to be picked up.” No child who hears that is going to be interested!


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