And Sometimes Y

Alison Morris - April 9, 2008

Here’s a shirt from that’s guaranteed to win points with English teachers. It’s got vowels, it’s got consonants, and… it’s got a ROCKIN’ venn diagram!!

Oh, how the nerd in me pines for this one… If only I didn’t look sickly in goldenrod (or "gold" as American Apparel calls this lovely shade).

10 thoughts on “And Sometimes Y

  1. Christine S.

    Alison, do you remember the Wendy’s commercial where the customer asks: “Where’s the beef?” Well, I’ve noticed a lot less beef in your blog lately. I don’t have to have filet mignon, but I sure could use some ground round.

  2. ShelfTalker

    Christine S., I’m sorry if you’re not feeling as adequately nourished these days. It would help, though, if you’d give me a bit more insight into just what it is you’re missing. What previous posts of mine have you found the most “beefy”? And how long is “lately”? If you’ll tell me those things I can take your requests into consideration as I plan my ShelfTalker menus.

  3. Wordsmith

    Alison, have you read the new ya book PUDDLEJUMPERS? It’s a beautifully written (accessible literature really) fantasy adventure for 10 and up I’d say. My family is really loving it. It’s our favorite book in a while, so we’re trying to get the word out to those who care about writing style and taut stories that are fresh and fun. A new author to track.

  4. ShelfTalker

    OMG. Thank you to Your Neighborhood Librarian for sending me to that PAINFULLY enlightening article. Ick. Ugh. Eew. And to Wordsmith, who suggested Puddlejumpers, I haven’t read the book but am always happy to hear about those that make it onto the “favorites” list of an entire family!

  5. Christine S.

    I also thank Your Neighborhood Librarian. I too looked up the article. And I thought I had heard just about everything… It’s an amazing world we live in. Man!!

  6. your neighborhood librarian

    I had a subscription to Jane at the time, so I saw the interview when it first came out. I just stared – I literally couldn’t believe what I was reading. “Appalling” doesn’t even cover it. “Actionable” comes to mind, though.


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