Diversity Merit Badge: Eeboo

Elizabeth Bluemle -- March 18th, 2013

Brown fairies, tan princesses, olive-skinned knights…. Do you know how hard it is to find greeting cards and games and toys featuring kids of color — especially cards and games and toys marketed to a universal audience? For a long time, I’ve been meaning to give some ShelfTalker kudos to Eeboo, a company that is particularly successful at creating charming toys, gifts, birthday cards, and arts and craft supplies that not only appeal to, but visually reflect, a diverse audience. Their products are beautifully designed and made, and they sell fast at the Flying Pig. Eeboo stuff is terrific for indie bookstores, so if you’re a sideline buyer unfamiliar with the company, check them out! And if you’re a regular consumer, the Eeboo website encourages you to shop at local stores — which we appreciate.

Below are a few of the Eeboo items that feature a broad array of cheery faces in all shades:

Thank you, folks at Eeboo, for your inclusive and lovely designs!