Book Bling for the Kitchen

Elizabeth Bluemle - November 15, 2012

Looking for festive literary accoutrement for the holiday kitchen? You can wow your Thanksgiving guests with something out of the ordinary, bookish and bright. I found some great aprons — and for those of you who scoff at the old-fashionedy fussiness of aprons, I will tell you that, while I once thought aprons were only for people on, say, The Waltons, I have come to appreciate their usefulness. There is a REASON aprons were invented, people, and I think I am that reason. Well, I and people like me, people with good intentions and a touch of the klutz.
There are oodles of book-related aprons at, some on Etsy, and a little Googling will get you additional results. Here are a few of the goodies I stumbled upon:

Marvel Comics Action Heroes apron from ApronsByVittoria on

And another comic-book inspired apron, this one for men:

Avengers Apron for guys from the melrowe shop on

“I will read until they tear the books from my arms. And woe betide the wretch who tries it.” from

Star Wars comic book apron from HauteMessThreads on

A literary boxing match we might like to see:

In the “Writer Fighter” series, James Joyce and Thomas Pynchon square off. Designed by strangerstuff on

Proudly proclaim your prowess:

Created by jobshirt on

This one cracks me up. Tuck an axe in the pocket:

Designed by annabells at

And finally, one for the kids:

Eric Carle caterpillar apron for kids, from

I’ll bet some of you crafty folks have made your own book-related aprons. Anyone?

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