Percy Jackson Pens and More Praise for Rick Riordan

Alison Morris -- May 15th, 2008

This week, for our Rick Riordan event, our store once again had ballpoint pens printed to hand out to all the attendees. And just as last year’s pens matched the cover of The Titan’s Curse, this year’s pens match the cover of The Battle of the Labyrinth. I love picturing kids all over town carrying their own personal Riptides!

The text on our pens reads as follows:

If found please return to
Percy Jackson c/o
Wellesley Booksmith

The best thing about these pens is the pleasure of watching kids’ reactions to them. It’s a pleasure almost as great as watching their reactions to Rick’s presentations. For the second year in a row Rick wowed all of us with his humility, his candor, and his winning sense of humor. Throughout the almost three hours in which he signed books for 650 of his adoring fans, he appeared genuinely interested in hearing what every one of them had to say or ask about his books.

The fact is: authors don’t come nicer than this one, and I don’t think an author presentation could be more engaging than Rick’s. Every kid and parent in our crowd loved hearing him talk about his books and read from The Battle of the Labyrinth, just as every kid revelled at the opportunity to show off their knowledge of Greek mythology when Rick peppered the audience with questions.

Just ask the attendees at our event who had driven all the way up from Virginia and Maryland (!!) — this is a person for whom it is worth going the distance. (And darn if his books aren’t an absolute delight too!)

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