It’s the Little Things

Josie Leavitt - April 30, 2010

A quick post for a spring Friday. Picture a bouncing, running, thrilled-to-be-in-a-bookstore little boy, no more than three and a half, entering the store for the first time. He spies the transportation section and finds some great books to look at.
Then suddenly, he’s got to “go potty.” The urgency of this need means he’s up in a flash and practically sprinting with his mom to the back of the store where the bathroom is. Where’s the cute part, you might be asking? Well here it is: he left the bathroom, wiping his wet hands on his pants, and he asked his mom, “Where’d the truck book go?” “Oh, it’s in the front of the of the store,” his mom says. Pretty clear directions to those of us who were working that day.
All we heard was a panicked, sincere, “Where’s the front? Where’s the front?” He was spinning around frantically trying to find the front of the store. We tried not to chuckle. It’s easy to forget that you have to learn what front and back mean when you’re in a store. This little boy’s earnestness was so charming it was all we could not to scoop him up and carry him to the front. Of course he found the truck section again and was spent many minutes happily surrounded by the truck books that made him so happy.
ThisĀ  story brings up two things to me. The first is young boys (and some girls) love a good truck book, and every store should keep a well-stocked section because they just work.
The second thing is: kids are cute!

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