It’s the Little Things

Josie Leavitt - May 26, 2009

Let’s face it: I don’t often think of the big distributors as having a sense of humor. Maybe it’s their vastness. But I was pleasantly surprised by Baker and Taylor’s response to my post about how much I don’t like their boxes.

I received an overnight letter after my post from a lovely man at B&T, Steve Harkins, VP, Retail Sales with an emphasis on independent booksellers. I opened the letter trepidatiously. Perhaps the folks at B&T were not thrilled at the post. While Steve does not speak for the whole company, his apologies about my having punched myself in the face seemed sincere and heartfelt. He also informed me that Baker and Taylor is in the process of changing the boxes (yeah!!) and he would keep me updated on the changes. Until that happens he included two bandages and an antiseptic towelette, should I hurt myself again. I laughed until my head hurt. 

This is the kind of corporate response I like: a promise of  action and a little something I can use right now.

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