The End of Publishing, The Future of Publishing

Elizabeth Bluemle - March 23, 2010

This video has been making the rounds recently, and we love it. It was created by Dorling Kindersley UK for a sales conference, and everyone loved it so much that DK decided to put it on YouTube. Do watch the whole thing for the full effect. (Thanks to Kara LaReau and Erin Murphy for the link.)

12 thoughts on “The End of Publishing, The Future of Publishing

  1. Chris Bohjalian

    This was brilliant and it absolutely made my day. It gave me that same great feeling I got on the Boston Commons a few weeks ago, on a beautiful spring day: The common was filled with tech-savvy young adults reading. . .books. Thank you so much for posting it.

  2. allanbard

    great video! yet, everyone of us has to remember the good sides of the future publishing – like e-books, they could save a lot of paper! they could be a way to preserve our Planet! I guess every author should strive to publish e-books, instead of those made of paper? I guess I m,yself have to insist for e-versions for my books too (Tale Of The Rock Pieces).
    Ivan Stoikov – Allan Bard


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