Prevent Fines, Record Reading with This Handy Calendar

Alison Morris -- January 8th, 2010

Last week when we asked readers to share their Reading Resolutions, did you include plans to return your library books on time OR record more of the books you’ve read? If so (or if not), feast your eyes on this handy and inexpensive ($4) tool for logging one’s borrowing and/or reading!

My favorite guilty pleasure blog, Design Sponge, recently featured the Overdue Book Calendar available from Etsy seller Aunt June (a.k.a. Lauren Hunt), and I was charmed, charmed, charmed by this clever creation! Each month of the calendar features drawings of 13-15 books with blank spines, on which you can record the titles of your library books and their due dates. OR (this is what I’m thinking…) you could use the calendar as a simplified reading log. Instead of recording books you borrow, record the books you’ve read, and the date when you did so. If you write small enough, you could even record a short review beneath or alongside the book’s title information. That way at the end of 2010, you’ll have a wonderful visual reminder of all the books you read this year! (Or, if 13-15 spines per month won’t cut it for you, you’ll at least have a decent sampling.)

For $4, Aunt June will e-mail you a PDF of the calendar. You can print out as many 8.5 x 11 copies as you’d like on your home computer or get your calendar(s) printed at a local copy shop.

What a great New Year’s gift for all of your reader friends!

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