Launching a Thousand (Wedding) Ships

Alison Morris - November 20, 2008

In between the long working days, Gareth and I have been trying to find an affordable venue for our wedding, which we hope will happen in August or September of next year. This is only step one in a LONG list of things we’ll have to accomplish in order to pull off this ritual and already we’re starting to understand why people choose to just elope! Nevertheless, we’re sticking with it. And not losing any heart over the matter, DESPITE the number of dreary similes and metaphors that crop up whenever someone on the web or in a book mentions the topic of wedding planning. Until earlier this week I thought every person on the planet compared planning a wedding to "working a second job" or "launching a military operation" or "assembling a big puzzle" or [insert cliché here]. 

Gareth, though, recently described things this way: "Planning a wedding is like drawing a 250-page graphic novel of The Odyssey," WHICH is how he’s been spending his time while I’ve been working long hours at the store, gearing up for the holidays. 

It turns out, though, that when he coined this simile my fiancé was referring to more than just the level of time and difficulty involved in both these tasks! I laughed when I read the other similarity he noted on his blog this week and hope you’ll click here to get a chuckle out of it too. 

Let it never be said, though, that our wedding reception in any OTHER way resembled the gathering at Odysseus’ homecoming!!! (UGH! WORST PARTY EVER!)

2 thoughts on “Launching a Thousand (Wedding) Ships

  1. Cheryl Pickett

    Yes planning a wedding takes a lot of work. I did it for the second time in 06. However, this time I actually enjoyed it. No matter what issues come up, remember it is your and Gareth’s day. Try to keep the family happy, but you need to be the most happy. Start with your favorites or biggest desires and then go from there with everyone elses. Also, maybe you could hire a planner for just part of it to keep expenses down and insantity up. One of my friends offers that service with their DJ service pretty affordably. We’re in MI but maybe you can look for something similar where you are. No matter what, find a way to to enjoy the process as much as you can. It really can be wonderful. Blessings, Cheryl Pickett


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