Not Another Birthday in the Crew Lounge!?

Alison Morris - December 2, 2007

The comments field of this blog doesn’t allow images, otherwise those pasted below would have appeared in the comments on my post about  the best book I got at NCTE, shared by an anonymous ShelfTalker reader. She says she is "another grateful reader of today’s expansive and exciting offerings in children’s books [who] also keeps this hilarious gem on her shelf as a reminder of how far we’ve come."

In case you can’t read the text in the image below, I’ll reprint it here for you:

     "Our Denver flight is fogged in, Barbie," said Ken. "I’m afraid we’ll be late taking off."
     "Oh, no!" said Barbie. "I’ll never get to my birthday party on time. I may be spending my birthday right here in this crew lounge." Barbie looked around the lounge and sighed sadly.

2 thoughts on “Not Another Birthday in the Crew Lounge!?

  1. D

    From the cover, it looks like Barbie has to bring her own prezzies to her party, too. I’ll guess she’s giving herself a Francie doll and a Skipper doll (with the growing you-know-whatsits). I hope there’s a happy birthday ending.


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