Almost Naked Animals

Alison Morris - June 19, 2007

For your entertainment, I thought I’d alert you to the fact that the oh-so-talented illustrator (and soon-to-be author!) Noah Z. Jones has recently added a new "Almost Naked Animal" to his wacky "Almost Naked Animals" website. They are worth checking out, as is Noah’s star. See it there, rapidly rising? Go, Noah, go!

Ah, the things you’ll find on the web these days — everything from almost naked animals to almost corrupted horses.

P.S. Noah and his wife are expecting a baby in September, but they’re keeping their name choices top secret until the little guy’s/gal’s arrival. My best friend’s perfect two year-old son is named Silas. My new 10 year-old neighbor is named Milo. Kristen McLean’s perfect little sweetpea is Lola. Heard any other good names lately? I am personally NOT shopping around for one (would hate for those rumors to circulate…), but if YOU are, I recommend taking a peek at The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg. Unlike most baby books, this one’s not about the meanings of names so much as their trends. Beside each name is a little popularity chart, enabling you to see which names had their heyday in a previous decade, which names are on their way out, and which names have never been a blip on anyone’s radar. You’ll also find a description of each name’s personality or historical significance, suggestions for siblings’ names, and colorful name categories like "Porch Sitters" (e.g. Agnes, Luetta, Floyd, and Norbert) and "Surfer Sixties" (e.g. Dionne, Randi, Kurt, and Vince).

3 thoughts on “Almost Naked Animals

  1. ShelfTalker

    Erica, How funny! And who knew?? I recall a brief childhood stint during which I wished I’d been named Amy, because my friend Amy just seemed soooo cool and I figured that if I had her name, her fine qualities would automatically come with it. Fingers crossed that Franny’s not longing for the qualities of an Olsen twin!!

  2. max

    If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the corrupted horse link – it’s one for the books. (although we may have been better off if it (the book) hadn’t been written in the first place). Thanks for the laugh Alison! I hope other people are nejoying this link as well.


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