War Horse Gallops Across London Stage

Alison Morris - July 22, 2009

I have never read Michael Morpurgo’s book War Horse, but just reading about its adaptation as a play for the London stage makes me think I ought to, if for no other reason than to prepare myself for the play’s eventual arrival here, where I will, mark my words, go and see it. Why am I so gung-ho about a horse play? Watch this trailer, admire the magnificent puppets created by the Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa, and I think I KNOW you will understand!

Want to see more? Here’s a short Channel 4 news clip that will give you a peek behind the scenes:

And, finally, here are a few clips from the show and short interviews with folks associated with it, including Michael Morpurgo:

(Thanks to sales rep Adena Siegel, who first brought the New York Times article to my attention!)

4 thoughts on “War Horse Gallops Across London Stage

  1. David Levithan

    I will admit my bias (Scholastic Press publishes War Horse in the US), but I went to see this over the weekend in London and it completely blew me away. It is an adaptation that truly does the book proud, and engages your visual imagination in much the same way that the book engages on the page. I can’t wait for it to come to these shores, and am positive it will draw people to the book in droves.

  2. Caryn Lawton

    Astounding! Years ago I had the amazing experience of watching a similar, but not as elaborate puppet/theater portrayal of “Animal Farm.” I’d love to see this!

  3. Monica Edinger

    Those folks at The National can really do puppets — I still remember the bears, daemons, and others in their wonderful production of His Dark Materials. I’ve been following this one and am thrilled to think it might make it to our shores.

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