Retro-fit Your Walls with These Posters

Alison Morris - July 31, 2009

Longing to dress up your home with some outmoded images of freaky-lookin’ kids or laugh-inducing images of freaky-lookin’ animals? Look no further than, where you can get almost every imaginable type of image to be printed for you in poster size, including the following GEMS, which are the covers of some now out-of-print (whew!) books once published by Rand McNally.

Click on each poster to read more about it and/or make a purchase. Note that if you search the site for "children’s book" you’ll find still more of these beauties.

When Mommy was little, phones weren’t portable, but they sure were SPECIAL!

Cute or creepy? You decide.

Does this turtle look overweight to you?

"Y’see, Mike? We can fight this fire one-handed!"

Because "Benjamin Engamin" was just too ridiculous.

"Extra eyeliner helps me keep an eye on my baton!"

I love that they’ve chosen to feature "The Naughty Side" of this book, rather than the "Goody" one. (Note the tears of anger/shame.)


For the record, Gareth and I will be taking a Honeymoon at some point during the months following our wedding, but a Punnymoon is not on our agenda. I’m guessing a Punnymoon is a several-days-long bus (or TRAIN) trip, during which an overly chatty tour guide tells the WORST JOKES EVER, accompanied by winks and elbow nudges. ("Did you get that one? Hunh? Hunh?")

GAH! My eyes! My eyes!

OMG. Latawnya the Naughty Horse has relatives!! 

Otherwise known as "Charlton Heston for Children."

A kinda pathetically cute excerpt from the Ten Commandments for parents:

I should note that also carries a lot of beautiful book images painted by N.C. Wyeth for those of you who are more keen on, say, putting ACTUAL art on your walls.

But something tells me those Rand McNally covers will generate more conversation!

9 thoughts on “Retro-fit Your Walls with These Posters

  1. Mary Ann Rodman

    Allison This site just made my day. My office cries out for a copy of “Tu Tu, the Littl’st Ballerina.” (Where did that missing “e” go? Perhaps it is hiding on the accompanying 45 record.)

  2. Jacque

    I actually had Bunny Blue when I was little … this brings back memories of bunny trauma. (The interior, unfortunately, tops the cover.)

  3. Beth

    I had the hat and boots like the Little Majorette – OH MY!!! I remember all of the titles shown here. What a good time childhood was…..

  4. whoa, nellie

    I remember the Bunny Blue book! And unfortunately many books like it. I can’t think where my mother must have gotten those books, because I’m in my mid-thirties. But it’s been a fun stroll down memory lane…and a good reminder that the whole children’s book industry has come such a long way.

  5. Susan

    Those Marjorie Cooper illustrations (such as “The Magic Telephone” one pictured) gave me a lot of joy as a child. I particularly remember owning and adoring “The Happy Twins.” My world was far from the “perfect” one shown–I used the book as an escape. To “Whoa, Nellie” above… I think they were available in grocery stores/drug stores. Probably near the check-out. My husband and I still own several and we are 40 and 38.

  6. Lois Janke

    The book BUNNY BLUE was my favorite and had it for many years…I had my mother read it to me over and over until I memorized it…and read it for myself over and over…I fell in love with every word…I see it now and again on E-bay and often wanted to bid on it..THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!`1


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