What Would Nancy Drew Buy?

Alison Morris - March 9, 2009

Today while doing a bit o’ wedding research I came across the blog of Etsy crafter Blaze Danielle, and on it, two posts that made my vintage-clothing-loving heart skip a beat. In them, Blaze has contemplated the characters from some of her favorite classic children’s books and imagined what in-keeping-with-their-characters clothing they might buy if they were searching today’s stores and catalogs. In her first Storybook Fashion post she chooses attire (and sites their sources!) for Mary Lennox of The Secret Garden, Lucy of The Chronicles of Narnia, and Nancy Drew. In Storybook Fashion II Blaze fills the current day wardrobes of Ramona Quimby of the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary, Meg of The Wrinkle in Time Quartet by Madeleine L’Engle, and Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking.

I am personally coveting Ramona’s coat, Lucy’s dress, and both Lucy’s and Nancy’s shoes. And a good set of paper dolls based on my favorite book characters Wouldn’t that be a treat?

6 thoughts on “What Would Nancy Drew Buy?

  1. lmowry8@yahoo.com

    When I saw today’s title I thought you would tell us what books Nancy would buy if she came to your store. Since you haven’t (yet) I’ll suggest a few. Because of her keen sense of justice, Anderson’s Octavian books; because underneath all that daring and competence she feels a bit of an outsider, the Benedict Society stories; and for adventure, “Graceling.”

  2. ShelfTalker

    Ooh, Lmowry8, you’re a genius for making that guess and (in so doing) supplying us with such a great topic for discussion! I love the idea of trying to guess what books different characters might buy and am therefore going to do an entire post inviting folks to supply their suggestions. Look for it later this week. THANK YOU!

  3. Karen Gray Ruelle

    Entertaining Bookish Cereal news: I just discovered that there are Quasimod-O’s in Patrick Jennings’ new book, We Can’t All Be Rattlesnakes! Thought you might like to know. Perhaps he was reading your blog. . . !


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