Cheap Threadless Shirts with Reader Appeal

Alison Morris - March 24, 2009

The clever t-shirt loving folks over at Threadless are having a "Spring Cleaning Sale" until Monday, March 30th, which means you can purchase shirts from them for just $5 or $10 each. This might not be so exciting if the sale didn’t include a reprint of their "Books Are Good for You" design, which I’ve always found to be both cute and clever, and several others I thought might be of interest to you shirt-wearing book lovers. (As opposed, um… you shirtless book lovers, I guess. Can’t say I know many folks who fit that bill on a routine basis. Sounds like it should be a calendar, though, doesn’t it?)

If any of the designs below strike your fancy, click on them to open a magical window into that shirt’s Threadless e-commerce page.

Those of you who (like me) grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books might appreciate this shirt that allows t-shirt readers to choose their favorite of three pictorial scenarios then read the back of the shirt to see the results of their selection. Do you want to ask the wizard a question, run away from the wizard, or shoot the wizard with an arrow?

Either way you’re going to be mauled by a bear. (OF course.)

I really like this recent design called "Capital" that shows Capital letters in 3D so they look like buildings in an alphabet city.

I think it’d be funny to see a teenager wearing this shirt (or any other saying "The definition of X is…") when he/she goes in to take the SAT’s. Suppose that’d be grounds for disqualification? Hmm. (Though I acknowledge that if "suspense" is now considered a difficult SAT word, we’ve got bigger problems to worry about than whether or not that counts as cheating.)

This shirt pretty much says it all.

Here’s a very entertaining one for you fantasy fans…

Threadless also prints a number of its designs on kids’ t-shirts or onesies, like this one, entitled "A is for Jerks!" which makes me chuckle.

But none of these beats my favorite, now a Threadless classic, which describes a phenomenon that is still largely true: "Movies: Ruining the Book Since 1920."

Happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “Cheap Threadless Shirts with Reader Appeal

  1. Lisa Yee

    I have the Movies shirt and wear it all the time! Plus I’ve got another Threadless with “There,” “They’re,” “Their” splashed across it. So fun!


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