Is Sarah Palin’s Book the Year’s Best Read-Aloud??

Alison Morris - November 20, 2009

In a word, NO. At least, not if you trust the opinions of the kids John Oliver read aloud to in a hilarious clip featured Wednesday on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Watch it and weep (with laughter, that is) as these youngsters announce several things they would RATHER do than have to listen to Mr. Oliver read any more pages of Going Rogue which, as it turns out, is no Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Thanks to my friend Tim Scarlett for the link! The read-aloud section begins about three minutes into this clip.

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10 thoughts on “Is Sarah Palin’s Book the Year’s Best Read-Aloud??

  1. hrh

    Desperate to smear Palin. Transparent as always. What kid would want to listen to an adult biography? The same result could be had for either of the President’s memoirs, I suspect. Did you try it? Are you gonna? I didn’t think so.

  2. Beth

    My goodness. Chill. It’s suppose to be funny and it was. Of course the same reaction would take place with any adult book. Thanks Alison! The video put a smile on my face on this dreary Friday….

  3. Dori

    “Did you try it? Are you gonna? I didn’t think so.” Um, you’re not talking to the Daily Show here. Just to someone who posted a funny clip from it. We all know it was a set-up. And we all know kids would hate to have any political memoir read to them. But Beth is right: Chill, it was funny!

  4. Susan

    The point was it would never have crossed anyone’s mind to read aloud/ask children’s opinion of any other adult book. Mean-spirited attempt, nothing funny here!

  5. Carol

    I’d have laughed until I cried with any other political tome inappropriately chosen for read-aloud time to such charming and outspoken little kids. It’s a nice break from the super-serious, massive coverage of her book, and would have been great for any other bestselling memoir. I’d have laughed just as hard if it they had chosen some solemn, heavy passage from the president’s memoir. The point is for us grown ups to take joy in how easily kids burst the grown-up bubble of an overhyped book release and the adult political world. Put me in the chilled column.

  6. Carol Again

    The Daily Show has also in the past lambasted politicians of all stripes by having little kids do readers theatre of congressional proceedings. Really brings things back down to earth, especially when the kids start seeing some of the overstuffed silliness they can all get into over what should be clear and/or civil debates.

  7. Suzzy

    John Oliver could have been reading ANY adult book & gotten the same reaction from the kids. The little boy in glasses was my favourite – and they were all playing to the camera. Thanks for the chuckles, Alison.

  8. Amy

    Mean spirited? The Daily Show?? Say it ain’t so! Just a bit of advice – they’ll go after anyone & anything. If you’re easily offended, don’t watch any clips marked “The Daily Show”. Thanks Alison – that cracked me up!


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