What Do Your Digits Spell?

Alison Morris - July 22, 2008

You know all those companies that have phone numbers that spell things, along the lines of 1-800-DIAL THIS (which I know has one too many digits, thank you very much)? Have you ever wondered if your own phone number spelled something?
You can figure this out on your own, of course, by simply writing down your phone number with the three-letters that correspond to it written over each number, then look for familiar words or word-letter combinations in the mix. OR, if puzzles of that sort aren’t your cup of tea, you can visit phonespell.org, which will do all the letter permutations for you and tell you whether or not your number spells something unique.

I once had a friend whose number (without the area code) spelled PLACEBO. I know someone else whose current digits are BIG THUG.

My own number contains too many 1’s and 0’s (numbers with no corresponding letters) to generate anything fun. Not even THIS 1 IS A 0, which I suppose would actually be a pretty insulting number to have…

I hope some of you out there have some doozies rather than duds. If so, unravel their mysteries for us here! (Without giving us the area code, you’re unlikely to get any crank calls from readers.)

4 thoughts on “What Do Your Digits Spell?

  1. CV

    My best friend’s number was 566-ICKY before she moved. I used to tease her that she moved out of state just to get a new one.


    Whenever I get a new number, I jot out the letters and see what’s there – both to tell the friend and also to help me remember the number. One friend’s number was TUB-SCUM. I just had to picture him in a dirty bathtub, and there his number was. Thanks for the Phone-Spell link!

  3. Bob Cornell

    Hi Alison, I am so escstatic as I have just discovered that my number spells Ruiwegn. If someone has difficulty in sending my money for what that # is worth, well, just give me a call. ( supposed to be a JOKE!!) Many Thanks, Bob Cornell


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