Despair Inc. — Cynical Snickers for (ex-)City Slickers

Elizabeth Bluemle - April 23, 2009

There’s just something about a witty, jaundiced point of view that warms the cockles of this ex-New Yorker’s heart. When we moved to Vermont from the city, I bought Josie a mug that said, "Please talk faster, I’m from NY." She used it.

So imagine my delight when Sharyn November posted a link on Facebook this morning to the Despair Inc. guy’s website. And in honor of Alison Morris and her most excellent t-shirt links, which I know are sorely missed, I decided to re-FB (the Facebook version of re-tweeting) this little tidbit.

I had seen these folks’ Demotivator posters, which are hilarious, but was not aware of the mugs or DespairWear t-shirts. I think I’m going to have to go get one of these blogging mugs.

Warning: a little cynicism goes a long way, so pace yourself! And have a great weekend. No irony.

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