Who the Wild Things Have Inspired

Alison Morris -- December 9th, 2009

Now that the Spike Jonze Wild Things movie has worked its way to the cheap theaters, I think it’s time I did a round-up of some of the creative outpouring I’ve been seeing online from adults who were inspired by Where the Wild Things Are in book form, as children, and/or as parents. The anticipation of and enthusiasm for Jonze’s film has lately inspired a great number of these folks to pay tribute to Sendak’s most beloved book, proving that has indeed been a VERY influential and important for the generations fortunate enough to know it.

Most of you have probably already spent some time perusing the artwork featured at Terrible Yellow Eyes and recently showcased at L.A. gallery Nucleus. If you haven’t, go look now!

Vice has created a similar blog called 24 Artists Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are.

Photographer Kwannam Chu did a Wild Things-inspired photoshoot for Economic Journal.

Casa Sugar features Wild Things-inspired home accessories. I particularly like the "Shady Tree Forrest [sic] Pendant." Or rather, I would particularly like it, if I weren’t appalled by its $638.40 price point.

The Thread (which calls itself "The Inside Line on New York Fashion") has a slide show of fashions inspired by the film.

My favorite feature, though, is a list of Wild Things crafts featured on The Crafty Crow. There are SO many fun crafts pulled together for this post, all linked to tutorials posted by their respective bloggers. I’ve posted three examples below. Click on them to go to the Crafty Crow’s post, and from there you can travel to more info. about each of them.

Cardboard tubes have never looked cuter.

Cupcakes have never been more awesome.

And who could resist a tote like this?

Finally, whether you’ve seen the film or not, be sure to pay a visit to We Love You So, a blog created "to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make [Spike Jonze’s feature film rendition of Maurice Sendak’s classic story Where the Wild Things Are] a reality." There has been such a fun mix of creative posts on this blog — few of them obviously related to the film, but all of them eye-opening and/or entertaining. Take a look!

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