Show Us Your Typos!

Alison Morris - May 22, 2008

Let’s say you love polar bears. And you love books. How can you put the two together, for the price of, oh… an ACTUAL polar bear? By buying Ibride’s Joe Bookshelf, that’s how! Yes, Joe will allow you to shelve your books in a melamine polar bear for just a little over two thousand pounds Sterling. (That’s over four thousand dollars, for those of you NOT painfully aware of our dollar’s current standing.) But hey, you’d expect to pay a lot for what this bookcase can deliver! To quote directly from the (misspelled) ad copy on Made in Design, "Thanks to its big dimensions, you can put inside everytrhing you want : boobs, CD, DVD, any objects…"

Yes, that’s right. Joe will actually hold BOOBS.

Ladies, get in line.

5 thoughts on “Show Us Your Typos!

  1. Kate G.

    WELL! That was a bracing post. Wouldn’t the…um, boobs…roll off? That IS a great bookcase, despite the price point. I could see it filled with all the Little Golden Books editions.


    Alison, I love reading your blogs – this one is worth a great big laugh. I’m thinking “Joe” is the perfect place for green living books – (or maybe organic cotton bras not made by barely paid labour?)


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