And the Award for Best Bookstore Cat Name Goes to…

Alison Morris - June 19, 2009

Here’s a random fact I stumbled upon recently: Recycle Bookstore West in Campbell, Calif., has a store cat named Isbn. Yes, Isbn, as in ISBN. How clever is that?? Without a doubt, this is the best name for a bookstore cat that I’ve come across as yet in my many years of bookstore travels.

The photo of Isbn below is one that appears (along with some very favorable reviews!) on Yelp, but others can also be found in the Flickr accounts of Klara Kim and meowhous.


A year ago I blogged about Veruca, the tortoise that makes his home at Rivendell Books in Montpelier, Vt., and who also happens to sport a great book-related name. Have you had or known a pet with a great bookish name? If so please immortalize them here and (in so doing) offer inspiration to other book-loving would-be pet owners.

26 thoughts on “And the Award for Best Bookstore Cat Name Goes to…

  1. Monica Edinger

    Last year, after first meeting my puppy I asked on my blog for name suggestions, “…ideally literary and fey.” Got many terrific ones. Since I can’t give the link, it was on June 6, 2008 for anyone interested in seeing them.

  2. cbroadwe

    My neighbor has a cat named Walt Whitman. And of course, there was Dewey Readmore Books who lived for nineteen years at the public library in Spencer, Iowa. About a year ago, there was a book published about him. How much more bookish can you get?

  3. C.

    Last fall we found a small cat who had been dumped in the parking lot of our public library. She was about 7 or 8 months old then. She turned out to be a spunky little thing so we named her Scout!!!

  4. Spellbound

    Our bookshop dog (who has been my dog for 14 years, 9 years longer than there has been a bookstore to inhabit) is named Seymour, after Salinger’s Seymour Glass, who was quite the eccentric. (Seymour the bookshop dog is half Basset Hound, half Siberian Husky.) Trivia: I almost named the store Seymour Books.

  5. Dayle

    I have a cat named Grimoire. Although he’s less of a witch’s book of spells and more like a cat that ATE a witch’s book of spells…

  6. Randi

    My roommate and I had a cat named Mephistopheles (I was thinking T.S. Eliot, but Mephie was more often Faustian in nature). He was a great Maine coon cat, and he loved to take cat naps with me. Sadly, he passed last year.

  7. Evelyn

    I had an all white cat named Hemingway who used to help me check proofs on the reference books I was publishing at the time. Now I have a Caruso and a Fellini. One of my artist friends had a pair of finches named Franny and Zoey, and then moved on to cats named Magic and Marker (after the finches were gone).

  8. candlepick

    A character whose last name is Isbn appears as one of many “inside publishing” jokes in the forthcoming middle-reader book, Leaving the Bellwethers. It’s a caper novel about a lighthouse-dwelling family by Kristin Clark Ventuni.

  9. Dinah Shields

    My first cat was named Gus, after Augustus the Cat in P.G. Wodehouse. By the time I had my bookstore, the cat I had was named Beaker (size 3 head, size 7 nose) and although he was a dear cat he wasn’t too bright (size 1 brain) and I couldn’t trust him not to zip out the door into the street, but he was hit at the local nursing home.


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