What Do Customers Do That Irks YOU?

Alison Morris -- March 18th, 2009

Let me just begin by saying that we are BLESSED with great customers at our store. Truly! Most of our customer interactions are happy, positive experiences. But, um… some of them are not. Every now and again! Every bookseller has had the experience (probably multiple times a day) of working with a difficult or simply frustrating customer. And now one bookseller has gone public with his complaints about the types of behavior these folks tend to exhibit — in very, VERY funny fashion.

Fellow booksellers, watch the six videos made by one of our compatriots, and just try (TRY!) not to laugh! I wager you’ll be able to relate to most, if not all, of his bookselling experiences.

Start with this one:

And end with this one:

But be sure to also watch all the ones in between!

Then feel free to record your own personal rants here. Purge! Purge!

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