Through the Wardrobe

Alison Morris - January 18, 2008

We got hit with a pretty significant snowstorm on Monday, which pretty much turned the world to white. This time the snow has really clung to the bushes and trees, making Boston and its surrounding towns look like something out of a fairy tale, even after the snow has long since melted off the roads (thank goodness).

On my drive to work on Tuesday, curving around a bend in a back road, I suddenly felt like I’d caught a glimpse of Narnia. Passing by a converted rail trail I took a quick look down its track and saw a white path framed by over-arching trees, all of them coated in white. If I’d had a camera with me then I’d have stopped to take a picture. Alas, mine was a camera-less commute. Wanting, though, to capture a bit of this C.S. Lewis-like phenomenon, I grabbed the store’s camera and walked over to the Wellesley College campus in the afternoon, where I was suddenly struck with the most incredible realization. Here I was, looking for a snowy space that resembled Narnia, when I realized that the lampposts lining Wellesley’s campus are the PERFECT Narnia lampposts!! I don’t know why I’d never noticed it before!

I will say that the true Narnia effect had been ruined a bit by the fact that the footpath was perfectly free of snow, making it clear that none of these lampposts is actually just standing in the middle of the forest. But I took some pictures nonetheless. And I do think they capture a bit of that "world outside a magical wardrobe" effect. You tell me whether or not you agree.

How perfect would this have been when that snow was newly fallen and that lamp was lit?

Imagine the same things with this photo, and notice the beauty of that heavily laden evergreen.

I cropped the path out of this picture to set the scene a bit better.


My dream photo: the shot below, but with one of those lampposts standing right in the middle of it.

The down side of the snow sticking to every green surface in sight is the terrible effect it’s having on the trees in all our neighborhoods. I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen so many substantial branches collapse under the weight of all that white stuff. But, boy, you take away that reality and it really does look like we’re living in some magical place!

4 thoughts on “Through the Wardrobe

  1. D

    Gorgeous. But, better in pictures than in the reality of waiting for the bus. But, I think I can see Mr. Tumnus coming down the path. Oh, joy.

  2. Sarah Rettger

    When I was there, we sometimes talked about Wellesley’s resemblance to Hogwarts, but I don’t think we ever talked about Narnia. Thanks for some great pics of my former home!

  3. Sam Musher

    Little-known fact: Edmund didn’t sell out his friends for Turkish delight, so much as because he was tired of waiting for the commuter rail in the snow. But yes, it is beautiful! I gripe, but I never get tired of looking at magical snowy New England.

  4. mr bua

    I am glad that the store had a camera available so that we may all enjoy these shots. A lesson to learn – carry a camera because you never know when life will present these little gems.


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