Celebrating Harry

Alison Morris - July 24, 2007

All week long I’ve been hearing fantastic stories about fellow booksellers’ Friday night Harry Potter celebrations, and so many have made me wish I could somehow have been in multiple places at once (our store being one of them, of course)!

The Flying Pig Bookstore of Shelburne, Vt., set up a huge tent that featured activities in Divination, Herbology, Wand-Making, and Potions. At the latter, one little guy kept excitedly repeating "I’m a wizard!! I’m a real wizard!!" as he watched his purple cabbage juice change colors and foam before his very eyes. Meanwhile, at Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh, N.C., a crowd of 2,000 passed the time petting snakes, admiring a beautiful snowy owl, and meeting Harry Trotter, a miniature horse in costume complete with glasses and lightning bolt. The venerable Powell’s in Portland, Ore., had a celebration in the streets and kept a running commentary throughout the evening on the store’s blog. Be sure to take a peek at their very authentic-looking Dumbledore.

Of all the parties I’ve heard about, though, the one that turned me greenest with envy was that held in the town of Sandwich, Mass., home of Titcomb’s Bookshop. Read my next post to see why.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Harry

  1. amy@wozabooks.com

    Thanks for sharing how wonderful the local bookstore celebrations were! That was the place to be for the grand event, in my opinion. You should check out my comments on why I bought HP7 at my local bookstore for full cover price at my blog (shakabaz.blospot.com) — we had a terrific party at the Mendocino Book Company in Ukiah, CA.

  2. Lonnie

    I’d be very curious to hear which Harry parties, if any, are facing legal action from Warner Bros. Hear anything through the grapevine?


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