Is it Book Love or Book Lust?

Alison Morris - August 22, 2007

You know that exhilarating crush-like feeling you get when you meet someone new who makes you laugh and laugh and feel 100% good about the world? You know how it is — you think you want to spend all your available free time with this person and get to know everything about them and introduce them to all of your friends, except that (let’s face it) your friends are already getting sick of hearing you talk about your crush, even if they’re being polite enough not to let you see them roll their eyes.

Well… I’m currently having that experience. With a book.

I’ve got another 32 pages to go in Linda Urban’s A Crooked Kind of Perfect, but that’s only because I’m so smitten with this book that I keep trying to stretch out the remaining pages, so that I can spend a little more time with these characters and enumerate the reasons this book has me so starry-eyed. Hopefully by the time I’ve finished it and we’ve spent a few days apart I won’t be in such deep smit and will therefore be able to step back and give this book a proper review, with a plot synopsis and everything.

In the meantime, though, I’m not so ungrounded as to think that A Crooked Kind of Perfect and I have an exclusive relationship so, really, it’s fine with me if you want to read it too.

8 thoughts on “Is it Book Love or Book Lust?

  1. edward

    Recently re-reading His Dark Materials, my girlfriend at the time called and said she was going to come over. I told her sure but not to expect too much of anything because I was probably just going to read the night away. Unfortunately she didn’t believe me and was very annoyed when she finally realized that all her feminine charm was not going to pull me from my book. Needless to say our relationship didn’t last too long…but Lyra, Will and I will be friends forever. I love me some good ‘ol book lust and I’m glad you do too!

  2. kate

    I couldn’t shut up about The Lumiere Affair by Sara Voorhees. I guess it was my summer romance, but I could so see myself reading it again…

  3. Rachel

    I love Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight. I’ve read it at least 15 times and even managed to find a way to use it as the primary text for my college thesis. There still comes a point every year when I just have to pull out that book and read it again.

  4. Ken

    I loved Linda Urban’s novel, too. In fact I read most of it out loud to myself (I guess that’s okay since I’m a 55 year old bookseller and live alone) and couldn’t stop laughing. What an absolutely delightful novel for all ages.

  5. Fuse #8

    Huh. This is the same kind of response I saw to “Higher Power of Lucky” before it won the Newbery. Methinks we may have a sleeper hit on our hands. Time to start taking bets…


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