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Alison Morris - December 5, 2007

I had planned to spend time this evening typing up my review of The Golden Compass (the movie, that is), but my plans were foiled by the following: a LONG day at work where we were busy, busy, busy with holiday shoppers; a LONG evening spent assembling book recommendations for a book talk I’m giving early tomorrow morning to a group of middle school parents; a late, late dinner when I finally got home at about 10pm; and, finally, author Katherine Applegate. Darn you, Katherine!

I was halfway through Home of the Brave when I sat down to my late-night meal (bless my chef of a boyfriend) and picked the book up again. I finished eating and thought, "I’ll just read a couple pages more," then became so emotional over the story that I figured I’d have to finish the book or go to bed a weepy mess. So I did. Curled up on the sofa beside Gareth, who was drawing sketches of Hamlet, I read and read and wadded up Kleenex and read and cried some more and read and finished the book. My three-word review: I LOVED it!!

So, BLAME KATHERINE APPLEGATE if you’re disappointed that you haven’t yet seen my Golden Compass review. Blame her for writing a beautiful, meaningful, wonderful novel — the kind that makes things like movie reviews seem too trivial for the late-night attentions of a tired bookseller. And the kind that makes me SO happy to have the job I do, and to have a blog like this, where I can sing the praises of books and their authors.

Trivial or not, I’ll have a movie review for you all on Thursday, I promise. And I won’t pick up another book until it’s done!

2 thoughts on “Home of the Exhausted and Distractable

  1. Jeannine Atkins

    I didn’t do the wadded-up kleenex thing, but I share that three-magic-words review of Home of the Brave. I loved the way Applegate showed us a new world of snow, an ordinary classroom and kitchen by bringing fresh eyes to bear. Maybe I was too busy marveling to weep, but now I want to reread it and see if I am heartless or maybe just not as tired as you were. But thanks for showcasing one of my 2007 favorites!

  2. Rachel

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to have that kind of response to books. My friends and family have learned to never give me a new book during the week b/c if it’s any good I will read it instead of sleeping, and going to work on 2 hours sleep is not really a good idea.


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