Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin Read Danielle Steel

Alison Morris - February 5, 2009

Today’s laugh-out-loud entertainment comes compliments of Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin, who have both been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Spoken Word category. In this wildly entertaining clip from last night’s "Colbert Report", the two read from a novel by Danielle Steel, as a demonstration of their reading prowess. (Thanks to sales rep Ted Wedel of Cheapeake & Hudson, Inc. for letting me know about this one!)

Be sure also to watch the clip (from the same Colbert Report episode) that was linked to in today’s Children’s Bookshelf, in which Stephen Colbert laments not having won a certain children’s book award.

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2 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin Read Danielle Steel

  1. Kim

    Hilarious! However, when Colbert is talking about who isn’t honoring him, he mentions the Newberry award but the correct spelling is Newbery (only one r.)

  2. Sam

    I love films, however, my publisher has insisted on a book cover for my children’s novel – The Magic Scales, in the style of a movie poster. Their reasoning is that kids will be drawn to this more than they would a conventional cover. I can’t agrue the fact the more kids see films than read books??


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